Friday, April 29, 2022

Tinder swindler Simon Leviev faces a prison term. The police got an arrest warrant -


The Spanish police finally received an arrest warrant for the disgraced adventurer Simon Leviev. The famous “Tinder scammer” is facing jail time due to an incident that happened in 2019 in Spain.

When they arrived, they found a Russian blonde with a £ 7,500 Hermes handbag and an Israeli man with a £ 370 Gucci shirt.

Police sources said that the Israeli had produced a driving license in the name of Michael Bilton yesterday when he was asked for his identity before reaching the two-truck to take the rented car.

Despite police suspecting the document to be forged, no arrests were made, and the couple was allowed to return to Malaga, a two-hour taxi ride, after giving an address to police in the Costa del Sol. ۔

A forensic investigation into a man posing as a Bilton, allegedly forging and committing a traffic offense when he rammed his sports car into the sand, was stopped after he did not respond to a court summons.

Simon’s $100,000 Maserati was stranded on the beach, and the guy told the police who arrived at the scene of the accident that he was a tourist named Michael Bilton and presented a fake driver’s license. During the incident with Leviev, his companion, a Russian model named Polina, was in the car.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the police officers saw a Netflix documentary dedicated to Simon and remembered the events of 2019. Even then, the police had suspicions that the man’s documents were fake, but the warrant was never received at that time. Leviev himself told TMZ that he had already served time for forged documents that year. The 31-year-old adventurer believes that he cannot be convicted twice for the same crime.

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