Wednesday, April 6, 2022

They caught Andrew Garfield mimicking the slap they gave to Chris Rock. -


Reactions from actors from the academy kept coming, and this time, Garfield did not hesitate to comment on Smith’s slap on comedian Rock.

American producer Andrew Garfield was caught talking to another man in a confused way about what happened between Oscar-winning Best Actor Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock. A broadcast live.

The video was broadcast via TikTok, while on his lips, you can read him saying, “Who … does something like that?” Later, American actors who played the role of Spider-Man also came out imitating the slap, which went viral around the world.

In turn, at that moment of interpretation, Garfield started to laugh. The incident took place during a ceremony held after the delivery of the statuettes by the academy.

Following the incident at the previous film Recognition Gala, actor and comedian Chris Rock broke the silence by commenting on what he felt after being slapped in public for joking, to which he replied: he was still processing what occurred.

Rock’s name has gone all over the world, and the fact that he has kept past awards has created sales, a testament to the fact that his shows have cost more than ten times the established cost.

We sold more tickets to see Chris Rock during the night than we did last month, “said the company that sells passes for American offers.

Tick ​​Pick manager Kyle Zorn said the $ 46 ticket price for the show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston has risen to $411.

Will Smith, who won the statuette Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film ‘King Richard’, explained in a statement that after his aggressive behavior in the last edition of the Oscars, he considered the most sensible and symbolic was the resignation of Rock.

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