Friday, April 1, 2022

The BAFTAs are not like the Oscars: Will Smith would have been expelled at the British awards -


It’s been three days since, on Sunday morning (Spanish time), Will Smith hit Chris Rock live due to a joke about Jada Pinkett’s alopecia. The actor has apologized via Instagram, Jada has spoken about what happened, and even Jim Carry has condemned the attitude of the guests regarding the act. However, a bizarre television milestone of these dimensions deserves more rest to discover everyone’s opinion. The last? The president of the BAFTAs, the British film awards.

In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the president of the British Film Academy, Sara Putt stated that she was very clear about what would have happened if Smith had committed that act at the BAFTAs: “He would have been expelled from the ceremony. This is significant criticism of the Hollywood Academy by the press and a large public section. How is aggression allowed to happen and go unpunished? Faced with the extreme of withdrawing the statuette from the actor, many assured that not allowing him to give his speech and inviting him to leave the act would have been the most successful.

In fact, weeks before, Will Smith won the BAFTA for Best Actor for The Williams Method, although he could not pick it up because he was not on English soil. Therefore, Putt would not have been able to have a speech or collect the award: “He would not be in the building, so he could not contain the prize. “That is to say that the actor would not have had time to dedicate his Oscar or the possibility of asking for forgiveness.

On the other hand, the executive director of BAFTA awards and content, Emma Baeh, made it clear that this reaction has no place in the Anglo-Saxon entertainment culture. “We do not tolerate violence of any kind. It is a complete red line for us”, she declared in the middle.

Unlike the 2022 Oscarsthe BAFTAs did award The Power of the Dog as Best Film of the Night, leaving CODA with only the Best Supporting Actor award for Troy Kotsur.

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