Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sylvester Stallone admitted the impossibility of filming "Rocky" today -


Sylvester Stallone admitted the impossibility of filming “Rocky” today

The famous Hollywood actor, screenwriter, and producer Sylvester Stallone are sure that the current American cinema is unable to remove such cult classics as ” Rocky, “The Godfather, “and others.

In his opinion, the cinematic landscape has completely changed, and many viewers prefer to watch movies on mobile devices rather than in theaters.

Recall that “Rocky” the world’s most famous film about boxing, the winner of the American Film Awards, spawned five sequels and two spin-offs (the third is already on the way). Moreover, “Rocky” gave a great start to the career of Stallone himself, turning him into a household name.

The production cost of “Rocky” was only one million dollars, and worldwide box office receipts exceeded $225 million. In 2012, the musical of the same name was staged on Broadway.

However, unlike the original film, it was not very popular with the audience. More than $15 million was spent on its creation; it was shown to the audience 188 times but could not become profitable. Stallone himself was the producer of this project.

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