Monday, April 4, 2022

Sofía Vergara is inspired by Karol G and wears her blue hair in a cute pink swimsuit -


Sofia Vergara was impressed by Carol G’s turquoise hair, and she wore a fabulous hair shade. The Colombian actress wrote “Inspired, posting a photo of herself on her Instagram account, referring to an interpreter born in the same country.

Sofia Vergara’s inspiration already has over 834,804 likes and hundreds of comments, including Karol G‘s: “🤍🌸🌸🌸,” said the Colombian singer.

Here are some of the other comments left on Sofia Vergara’s account after this blue-haired post: “Ha, ha, we’re all in Karol G mode,” “Bichota,” “Definitely your color,” and “Hair is everything” are some of the comments that can be read on the post.

Karol G’s turquoise hair has impressed more than one person. A few months ago, Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez dyed his hair like Carol G’s and created a surge of buzzes that he might have a romantic connection with Anuel’s ex-girlfriend.

James Rodriguez and Carol G., would they be a couple?

James Rodríguez and Karol G, will they be a couple?” Someone requested in the Instagram post where Rodríguez led off his turquoise hair. “I believe this is a letter for us to reach,” another person responded.

Lately, Becky G also employed a filter to put her turquoise hair like that of “La bichota.” The singer revealed herself in a pretty video posted on her Instagram account.

“@karolg Number 1 Fan. Becky G x Karol G = Real G’s baby. MAMIII BREAKING”, he noted when directing to “Mami,” the song that they both sing and in which they found substantial “indirections” for Anuel, Karol G’s ex-boyfriend who now has a romance with Yailin, “the most viral.”

“It examines more stunning on you than on me,” the Colombian singer replied, and this comment has got over 45,000 likes so far.

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