Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sarah Talabi faces death threats amid dating rumors with Timothée Chalamet - yuetu.info


Sarah Talabi faces death threats amid dating rumors with Timothée Chalamet

Being Timothée Chalamet‘s girlfriend isn’t all that great. Model Sarah Talabi had fun with the actor at the Coachella music festival last weekend. On Sunday, videos and photos of the couple dancing to famous musicians in Indio, California, SURFACED. The model also tagged the 26-year-old Dune actor in her social media post and wrote that she “had a great time with the best group of people.” Several witnesses claimed to have seen Talabi making out with Chalamet.

Others say that the curly-haired heartthrob rocked several models at once throughout the festival. But, be that as it may, Sarah got the most. The other day, Talabi reported that she was receiving threatening messages. “I see death threats and hate messages from Timothy fans. This is not normal, and they should stop,” the 22-year-old model told reporters. As evidence, she provided several direct messages in which she is addressed directly, and not just leaving comments under media publications.

Sarah Talabi says she worries about those who leave hateful comments because “they are fighting their own demons.” “I hope they think about therapy and get the help they need,” comments the Nigerian model. She emphasized that she was “not ready to make a statement about the status of her relationship with Timothy” and instead suggested that journalists discuss something more relevant:

“Please divert your awareness to the point that fossil fuel air breakdown costs the world $ 8 billion every day, not to say that it endangers human life and the planet. Earth. Is it a dreadful state, so analysis, email our political leaders, and tell them that the fossil fuel industry is morally inappropriate and we will not remain silent when our planet is being destroyed, “said the model.

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