Saturday, April 23, 2022

Rainy night in New York: Zendaya and Tom Holland have a romantic date -


Rainy night in New York: Zendaya and Tom Holland have a romantic date

True love clearly has no barriers, whether it be distance, paparazzi, career, or even precipitation. A little rain is common in New York, and the bright stars of the new Hollywood did not change their plans because of it. Of course, we are talking about ZENDAYA AND TOM HOLLAND, who decided to have a romantic date last Saturday. Photographers were waiting for them at every corner, but the lovers did not pay attention to what was happening.

Dodging drizzling drops, the actress came out in a voluminous leather jacket, black trousers, and rough boots. Of the accessories, the star chose glasses for vision – apparently, at the weekend, she decided to take a break from the lenses. But Tom decided to opt for a brighter look to add some color to this overcast evening. Everyone’s favorite superhero revisited the old trend for warm plaid shirts and paired orange with classic blue jeans.

Celebrities clearly like to spend their free time together because, before that, the couple was noticed in Manhattan at the screening of the film with Holland’s participation “Uncharted: Not on the cards,” and the very next day, they were rooting for the New York Rangers team at a hockey match. And while otherwise young stars try to keep the details of their relationship under wraps, you don’t need to be an expert to understand how close they are. Celebrity feelings were born from a strong friendship, so lovers can be a great example for others. Most of all, Tom and

Zendaya are frightened by the insane interest of the press in their romance, so the actors know how to separate their careers and their personal lives.

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