Friday, April 15, 2022

Nosferatu remake director counts on Willem Dafoe -


The director of the film ” The Witch, “Robert Eggers, has updated the status of a remake of the famous horror film ” Nosferatu, a symphony of horror.

” According to the director, he would be happy to hire the famous Hollywood actor Willem Dafoe, who could take on the role of the iconic Count Orlok.

Eggers also joked that while he hopes to include Dafoe in the project, the actor will not necessarily be offered the role of the famous monster. “Nosferatu” is an incredibly important film and story for me, which is on the horizon from time to time. If Willem… if Nosferatu gets made, Willem better is in it, damn it, because I just love working with him. But, you know, maybe he would play Ellen? Who knows,” he commented.

Recall that Willem Dafoe previously played one version of Count Orlok, thanks to the 2000 film ” Shadow of the Vampire.

” This film introduced viewers to a fictional story about how director F.W. Murnau ( John Malkovich ) was filming his silent classics in the 20s, only to find out that his star Max Schreck (Defoe) was a real vampire. In this regard, Defoe has already proven himself well-prepared for the role, albeit from a slightly different point of view.

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