Saturday, April 2, 2022

Nearly half of Netflix subscribers watched the anime in 2021 -


Remember how difficult it was to watch anime? Relying on where you call home, watching the latest shows was once difficult, if not impossible. Only a few decades back, people were trading DVDs, And the idea of ​​a simultaneous release seemed a thing of the past.

The streaming platform consolidates its offerings around anime, a fundamental pillar of its scope strategy. In the West, the numbers are growing. In Japan, they hit.

Netflix is ​​further strengthening its commitment to Japanese animation.

The most essential streaming content portal has embraced the center of Japanese culture, offering its subscribers a proposal that will not stop extending in 2022. What is this boom in anime all about? Well, for the rose interest from clients. As confirmed by Kotaku and Variety, about half of Netflix users daily watch Japanese animation. And the digits keep growing.

Let’s do digits. During 2021, Netflix unleashed a total of 40 anime labels. However, it is essential to note that they do not consider Japanese-made cartoons to be anime, even on streaming platforms. In either case, the policy seems apparent: Strengthen the offer of mobility. In the West, almost half of the streaming portal’s subscribers have begun to enjoy this sample of culture, and although they are an impressive percentage of viewers, it is skyrocketing in Japan.

Netflix notes that 90% of its Japanese users observed anime last year.

“At the same time, interest in anime has increased worldwide, and more than half of our members worldwide joined it last year,” said Kohei Obara, head of Netflix in the country during Anime Japan 2022. To bring back the likes of fans, our content lineup, we want to increase the discovery and love of anime of our members in Japan and around the world, “he said.

In fact, the platform will strengthen its offerings, explore the top series of our time, and seek new areas and markets. The numbers are likely to continue to rise, depending on the numbers.

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