Saturday, April 30, 2022

Named the cost of each episode of the prequel 'Game of Thrones' -


Each episode of House of the Dragon, which will be a prequel to the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, cost the creators about $20 million. Thus, the production cost of the 10-episode first season, which debuts on August 21, 2022, was about $200 million.

Game of Thrones costs HBO about $100 million per season. The price per episode started at about $6 million in the first season. It rose to $15 million in the show’s eighth and final season.

In comparison, the Amazon television series The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power cost an estimated $465 million to produce an eight-episode first season. In turn, Netflix shelled out about $30 million for each episode of the fourth season of the fantasy show Stranger Things, which will be released in two parts in May and July.

Recall that the “House of the Dragon” action takes place two centuries before the events of the “Game of Thrones.” Instead, it will look at how House Targaryen took part in the bitter and violent civil war known as the “Dance of the Dragons,” which heralds the beginning of the end of the ruling family of Westeros. The title role is played by Paddy Considine.

With that in mind, Variety briefs that House of the Dragon Season 1 is priced at just under $ 20 million per installment. That formation is just higher than Game of Thrones Season 8’s budget per episode, about 15 million. According to HBO’s Production Insider, he said, which showed the cost, HBO varied on a massive world-building series such as GoT, Westworld, and His Dark Materials because of its experience with surprisingly low sums. “The team can make a high-quality series as efficient and effective as feasible.

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