Monday, April 4, 2022

Moon Knight: The character's possibilities in the MCU are endless, says his producer -


Grant Curtis has assured that the new Marvel Studios superhero can be added to any project carried out in the future.

Moon Knight has been released with relative success on Disney +. On March 30, Oscar Isaac made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with one of the most complex characters we have seen within the House of Ideas superhero genre. The pilot episode has been a declaration of intent, with a modus operandi that exudes its own identity, making the character of Marc Spector shine with a unique personality.

However, being so far removed from the tone seen in Marvel Studios has many outlets and viewers wondering how Moon Knight could join the other characters he shares a home with. To alleviate this and give hope for the future of Moon Knight in the UCM, the producer of the fiction, Grant Curtis, has spoken openly with Collider about the options that he believes the character could have.

In short, and to whet your appetite, Moon Knight can be in any environment thanks to the multiple personalities and the different tones that are embraced in the series. Be it comedy, horror, or action, the character of Oscar Isaac can move like a fish in water.

“Because we delved into such considerable impressive techniques with this series — Action adventures around the world, the study of the role of nightmares, the study of mental health or the role of humor – wherever [Kevin Feige] Marvel’s president is interested in this role in the future, there won’t be any corner of the MCU that Moon Knight can’t naturally be in.”

In other words, it is more than sure that we will end up seeing Moon Knight incorporated into feature films of Marvel Studios characters and even participating in other series. But, for now, yes, it’s time to focus on his series that is still in total development.

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