Monday, April 4, 2022

Moon Knight: The cameo of the first episode that has surprised everyone -


Many have wondered who the mysterious character from the comics appears in the first episode. After the debate, ‘Moon Knight’ credits confirm the rumors. Who is it about

Moon Knight, whose full spoiler-free review you have here, has already premiered on Disney+. The Marvel production, which promises forever to change the Cinematic Universe of the House of Ideas, has Oscar Isaac – inspired by one of the stars of the MCU – as an excellent star and is also one of his main attractions. But, being faithful to the comics, as we have already told you, in its first episode, it hides an easter egg in the form of a cameo that has left fans crazy.

Thanks to the Disney+ series, Marvel has managed to get some of its lower-known heroes into the cinematic universe, giving them prominence and a place in a larger universe.

Moon Knight, first presented in 1975 as Marc Spector, with dissociative identity disorder, a CIA agent, introduces us to a powerful character infused with the power of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. In his fight against crime, this particular hero meets many friends and enemies, one of the first being the easter egg that has left more than one with their mouths open.

In the first episode, we meet Steven Grant, a generous man who operates at a museum in London as a present shop clerk. He has little to no social life, So he spends his free time in a park chatting with a man who is completely painted in gold, a street mime who spends his nights posing as a living statue. He brings him food, chats with him, and conveys his fears and insecurities. Many believed that it was a narrative device, and it is. Still, lead author Jeremy Slater approves via Twitter that this mysterious Golden Man is none other than an ally of Marvel hero Bertrand Crawley.

Yes, as you are reading. In many of his comics, this street hero trusts people who, for one reason or another, survive in big cities. They are his ears, eyes, and hands of him. In the original comics, Crawley is a homeless man with a severe drinking problem who is well connected to certain criminal circles in New York. He is something of an informant, relaying major rumors to Moon Knight. Yes, he is a somewhat far-fetched easter egg, but he has conquered the public and offers a new depth to the Disney + adaptation.

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