Friday, April 29, 2022

Mike Tyson breaks quietness on fight with 'aggressive' passenger -


After Mike Tyson allegedly used physical force on another passenger on a flight, the boxing icon claimed the other person was “aggressive.”

Mike Tyson turned to footage showing the 55-year-old boxing icon getting into a fight with a fellow traveler on a plane flight to Florida. Although the video posted by TMZ allegedly shows him beating up a fellow passenger in his seat, Tyson says the alleged victim provoked the confrontation. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had a happening on a flight with an assertive passenger who began chasing him and throwing a water bottle at him. At the same time, in his seat, “the correspondent told Entertainment Tonight in brief. Said in the statement.

On Wednesday, April 20 at night, the alleged incident took place after Tyson boarded a Jet Blue flight to San Francisco. Tyson allegedly took a selfie with a man sitting behind him. TMZ reports that the man “won’t stop provoking” the boxer after that. A San Francisco Police Department spokesman told  ET that officers assigned to its airport bureau were sent to fight aboard the plane. When authorities arrived, officers “detained two people believed to be involved in the incident.”

One subject, who was “treated for non-life-threatening injuries,” provided minimal details about the incident and “refused further cooperation with the investigation,” according to  ET. Both subjects were released pending further investigation. Authorities have not released the names of the detainees. The SFPD said they were aware of the video of the incident and forwarded it to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

On Thursday, Mike appeared to have made it to Florida. In videos posted to Instagram Story by Rick Ross, the boxer is seen friendly with rapper and professional wrestling legend  Ric Flair. Three “legends,” as Rick called them, enjoyed their leisure time smoking in a nightclub. Tyson looked like he was having fun with his friends).


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