Thursday, April 14, 2022

MCU STAR ELIZABETH OLSEN said that playing the hero is not attractive -


Ever since it was announced that Elizabeth Olsen would be the main character in Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, many Marvel fans have been convinced that Scarlet Witch will end up being the villain.

The events of WandaVision have shown that Wanda Maximoff has accepted her fate, potentially spelling bad news for everyone in any known reality. Sam Raimi has hinted that the main antagonist is constantly changing, but at least one variation of Wanda is sure to have nefarious intentions.

In the official Into the Multiverse of Madness press release, distributed by Disney and Marvel Studios, Olsen spoke about how Scarlet Witch fits into the narrative. The actress admitted that it’s not so much fun to play a straightforward, good-natured hero.

In my opinion, it’s not always fun to play a hero who doesn’t make mistakes. I don’t find it interesting. I think I like Wanda from the beginning because she is very clear in her beliefs. They just don’t match up with the others, and that’s fine. She will be aware of it and will admit it when she makes a mistake.

The premiere of the film comic is scheduled for May 6, 2022. After that, the film, apparently, will not be released at all in Russian distribution or will appear late.


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