Friday, April 8, 2022

Mark Wahlberg sells an $ 87 million property with a cave, 20+ bathrooms, and more -


Mark Wahlberg is leaving his nearly $90 million Beverly Hills mansion, which could turn into massive returns. 

Mark Wahlberg is exiting Beverly Hills because his huge mansion is now on the market for a paltry $ 87.5 million.

The Ted actor’s mega-mansion has 20 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, and a detached guest house. In 2009, The actor and producer first bought the property for 8.25 million and then spent several years developing the home.

The property, recorded by top realtor Kurt Rappaport, covers 30,500 square feet and is covered with European limestone.

The property, listed by top realtor Kurt Rappaport, contains 30,500 square feet and is clad in European limestone. 

In addition to its many beds and bathrooms, waterfall pool, it has a library/study room, and backyard grotto, tennis court, basketball court, a private spa, 5000 bottle bar, a large gymnasium, A movie theater, projection room, and more.

Pictures of the interior show a beautifully stylish and comfortable layout, with beautiful light gray and white walls with exceptional structure development and unique touches.

The primary bedroom has a bunch of windows and a balcony, while the living room and dining room have beautiful open areas with tons of light and air. The open-air kitchen has a large island and special accents of overhead lighting, perfect for fun and family gatherings.

These extra gems within the property – full service gym, wine cellar, and home cinema – all present authentic touches and are fully furnished, providing ample space and comfort to maintain peak health. And have fun with friends and family.

The outdoor courtyard and swimming pool are also exceptionally designed, providing a beautiful and pleasant environment for spending time outdoors or hosting an event.

Mark has added more value to the mansion over the last decade, so anyone willing to buy a home will definitely have to have money!


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