Monday, April 18, 2022

Madison Cowan, A Well-Known Celebrity Chef, Has Been Accused By Her Landlord Of Failing To Pay Rent For The Past Several Months -


A lawsuit filed by Madison Cowan’s landlord alleges that she owes him $73,700 in unpaid rent as a result of her refusal to pay her rent on time.

According to the New York Post, the chef’s landlord, Gus Sheha, claims that the chef, who was born in the United Kingdom, has not paid rent on his one-bedroom Boerum Hill apartment for the last 28 months. The chef, who is a native of the United Kingdom, has not responded to requests for comment. The chef had appeared on Food Network’s Chopped and Iron Chef programmes before becoming a member of the Culinary Council of the Food Bank for New York City. During the course of his two-year contract, Cowan’s monthly rent fluctuated between $2,700 and $2,750 per month on a monthly basis.

It is claimed by Cowan’s landlord that he has not made a rent payment since January 2020, despite the fact that he and his family have been residing in the home since October 2019. Cowan has yet to reply to the landlord’s allegations of wrongdoing. The accusation said that Cowan was seeking to “game the system,” and that he had taken advantage of New York’s pandemic-driven ban on evictions to his advantage.

Is it possible that he’s so broke that he has to leave his residence every day wearing a different fur?” the source speculates. If COVID-19 hadn’t been in existence, I would have taken him to court two years ago and obtained an eviction order.” “If COVID-19 hadn’t been in place, I would have taken him to court and obtained an eviction order.”

Cowan has been served with a 90-day notice by Sheha’s counsel, informing him that he must vacate the premises by May 1, as agreed in the agreement, as of the expiration of the moratorium on January 15, 2019. Because of this, Sheha has not received any communication from his tenant, according to the records.

Herman Sheha states that he last communicated with Cowan around the beginning of August, during which Cowan claimed that the epidemic had “negatively impact[ed]” his “income and bottom line.” Sheha’s request for comment has gone unanswered by Cowan’s representatives. It appears that Cowan’s reps have not responded to Sheha’s request for comment.

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