Saturday, April 30, 2022

'Love of my life': Megan Fox praised Machine Gun Kelly on his 32nd birthday -


This Friday, she congratulated her fiancé and part-time musician, Machine Gun Kelly, on his 32nd birthday. The beloved rolls a star on his back in a romantic picture, and pink clouds hover around. It is easy to see that the actress is thrilled next to her future husband. Megan did not hide her emotions from a multi-million audience and spoke about her love online. The Transformers star called him the love of her life and the unique person she’s ever met.

Affectionate confessions poured in after cameras caught a slightly awkward moment at the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards when Fox turned away from her fiancé when he tried to kiss her. However, in addition to love tirades, her message contained a pleasant dose of irony and humor. “Today, your mother told us that you were born a month prematurely. Apparently, you were supposed to become a charmingly mercantile Gemini. But as a baby, you were affectionate and fussy at the same time, and I can’t think of a better description for you,” she wrote.

In a relationship with the actress, Baker showed a different side of himself, hidden behind the pink-haired rapper’s cheeky image. Megan would like to remove the veil from the eyes of the people around them because only then will they understand what the star has found in him. “The world can’t even imagine what a tender, beautiful heart you have. How generous and considerate you are… How absurdly weird, smart, and witty you are. You are such a wonderful soul. I am honored to love you and be the reason for your love,” Fox writes.

While the press is speculating about the differences in the couple’s relationship, they share footage from the holiday on social networks. So, the lovers spent time at-home spa treatments and rested, surrounded by fresh roses and colorful balls. And let someone consider them too frivolous, but the meeting with Colson helped Megan Fox become herself.

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