Sunday, April 17, 2022

Joseline Hernandez Is Faced With Extremely Expensive Lawsuit -


Joseline Hernandez finds herself in trouble these days. Check out the latest reports about her below.

The Shade Room notes that ‘it looks like #JoselineHernandez has been hit with a hefty $25 million lawsuit for assault and battery. This comes after last month’s altercation during the reunion show taping of ‘Joseline’s Cabaret.’’

TSR also said: ‘According to documents obtained by @tmz_tv, the dancers claim they showed up in high heels for the reunion, but the Puerto Rican Princess was waiting for them with hard-bottom boots and launched an attack.’

TSR notes: ‘The ladies even engaged in a heated back and forth on Twitter, where they claimed Joseline boldly bragged about the beatdown.’

Someone said: ‘Lol so much for them not being able to sue Damn Joseline,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘It’s the fact that she incriminated herself.’

A follower said: ‘Then she tweeted admitted to it chile she going down.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘why they so pressed about you , what you do to them ?’

A commenter said: ‘Lmao and she went to the internet and told on herself,’ and a follower posted this: ‘I just knew them tweets was gone come back and bite her in the A-.’

A follower said: ‘Since when does the executive producer get her hands dirty?? Mona Scott would never,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Another 10 season on love & hip hop to pay it.’

A fan said: ‘Oh no. Zats zee eend of zee Cavauréy so to speak. Weeshes wii no longer be furfeel,’ and someone else posted this: ‘You really have to humble yourself sometimes or God will do it for you.’

More people sent messages in the comments and a lot of fans said that they are supporting her.

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