Saturday, April 30, 2022

Jimin from BTS released the song With You. This is the soundtrack for the drama 'Our Blues' -


In addition to creating tracks and albums with the group, k-pop artists often seek to develop a solo career: musicians record their own songs and even compose compositions for TV shows. For example, in March 2022, TWICE’s Jihyo released her debut solo track, which turned out to be the song for the drama “25 Twenty-One”. The composition was called Stardust Love Song. Seventeen, BIBI, DK, and other famous musicians also took part in recording the soundtrack for the series. Now, the song for the drama was composed by one of the BTS members. On April 24, Jimin released the track With You.

The artist created the composition with his friend Ha Sung Woon, a former Wanna One and HOTSHOT member. With You is featured on the soundtrack of the drama Our Blues, which premiered on April 9. The song, of course, is dedicated to love. The musicians sing about the desire to always stay close to a person dear to their hearts in the track. With You has a gentle, lyrical sound: you can hear acoustic guitar and piano in it. The song has already managed to set a record on iTunes: the track topped the Top Songs chart in 100 countries almost five hours after the release. Thus, Jimin’s composition surpassed BTS’s hit Dynamite, which hit the top lines of the charts eight hours after the premiere.

The soundtrack was released on YAMYAM Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The visual sequence of the video consists of frames from the series: in the video, you can see the main characters of the story, which are going through a breakup, and remember the happy days spent together. Their roles were played by Shin Min-ah (“Cha Cha in a Coastal City,” “Oh My Venus”) and Lee Byung-hun (“The Magnificent Seven”). The latter actor, by the way, can also be found in the series The Squid Game, a Netflix hit in 2021.

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