Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Jason Momoa could star in the Minecraft movie -


Minecraft is a true legend in the world of video games. It was launched in 2011, after which the game instantly won the hearts of gamers. And even after so many years, interest in the world of cubes does not fade away. Such an iconic phenomenon of modern culture could not escape the attention of filmmakers, so it is not surprising that Warner Bros.

A few years ago, I undertook to make a film on Minecraft. Work on the picture is moving slowly, there is practically no news about the cast and the progress of production, but sources from The Hollywood Reporter shared interesting information with the publication. Insiders reported that Jason Momoa could play the main role in the film adaptation of Minecraft. Now the star of “Aquaman,” “Dune,” and “Game of Thrones” is in talks with Warner Bros.

During the time that the film adaptation of Minecraft was in production, the project changed its director several times. The film is currently being staged by Jared Hess, who led the films Napoleon Dynamite, The Last Man on Earth, The Instigators, and several other projects. The adaptation will be produced by Mary Parent, who worked on Dune by Denis Villeneuve, and Roy Lee, who was involved in the films Godzilla vs. Kong and It 2.

The Minecraft movie was executive produced by Jon Berg (Aquaman), Cale Boyter (Noah), and Jon Spaihts (Passengers). The large production team also included the Swedish company Mojang Studios, which created the original video game.

It is not yet known who Momoa will play. Of course, from the wording “the main role,” the assumption suggests itself that it will be Steve. However, The Ankler media put forward a different version: according to their data, Aquaman will play Gabriel, a curious clone that players can easily recognize by his blue shirt, brown hair, and a puzzled look. About other characters, even preliminary data is not yet available, as well as details about the storyline of the upcoming film.


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