Saturday, April 23, 2022

James Gunn commented on his future with Marvel and DC -


Online, fans have been wondering what’s next for the Guardians of the Galaxy director once the triquel hits theaters.

The beloved filmmaker obviously has something to work on, but the public will only know when it is ready. He is not closing the door on Marvel or DC. Nothing has been put on the rock so that people can relax a little. Don’t worry, though, that the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will emotionally destroy anyone who cares about these characters.

The Peacemaker has been given the green light for a second season as far as DC is concerned. But no one knows if he’s working on another film with Warner Bros. discovery. James Gunn recently took to Twitter to clear things up. He noted that he does not close the door for either Marvel or DC.

OK, it says, “Neither Marvel nor DC have the characters I would like to work on right now if I’m not working.” And, yes, I know this is either stupid or a linguistic error, depending on your point of view. 

When asked by a fan why he wasn’t directing DC’s Superman project, he replied, “I don’t remember saying I wasn’t interested. However, just because I love beef stroganoff doesn’t mean I want to make it.”

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