Monday, April 18, 2022

Jacques Audiard is preparing a musical film in Spanish -


It is perfectly possible to succeed abroad with a local film in the film industry. In our case, the closest example of international success is director Pedro Almodóvar. He has won an Oscar for Best Original and a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for All About My Mother. Of course, language could be a barrier, but recently we learned that the filmmaker from La Mancha would shoot his first film in English alongside Cate Blanchett. That a director hits in English should be the logical evolution of professional progression. Still, now Frenchman Jacques Audiard has spoken about the musical project in Spanish that he wants to shoot.

Jacques Audiard began to be recognized worldwide with the French film A Prophet. However, it was not until 2018 that the director premiered in the Anglo-Saxon language with the western The Sister Brothers. Last Wednesday, it arrived in Spanish theaters with Paris, District 13. Audiard spoke to Indiewire about the evolution of his cinema, contradicting a quote from his universal compatriot François Truffaut: “I think it was Truffaut who said that our current films always go against the previous films we’ve made. I’m not sure I agree with that.”

And it is that at the beginning of the year, Audiard traveled to Mexico to begin the pre-production of a new musical film shot in Spanish. The filmmaker has co-written a story about a gender-swapping drug mule with French singer-songwriter Camille. A risky bet from a director who has spent several years directing his filmography in different spaces but always with the desire to make it as if it were the first film:

“For a long time, I have had the greatest desire to make a film as if it were my first film, as if the first film was a genre in itself. So it is a film that loosens up, perhaps less formal, or sticks to a formal spirit, a little freer, lighter, and more youthful. And it’s also a movie full of flaws,” he described Paris, District 13 to Indiewire.

Audiard’s new film will be titled Emilia Pérez and was initially planned as her next film after The Sisters, but the pandemic made planning outside of France difficult. The French director also spoke about how ambitious the international approach is, especially in a country like the Gallic territory, with such a firm commitment to the national production of the seventh art: “If you look at film production in other European countries, for example, Spain or Italy, where the cinema is always dead. There are not a lot of products because they don’t have that kind of protective aspect that our government has enacted for us. All this must sound very strange in the United States”, Audiard pointed out.

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