Saturday, April 2, 2022

Hollywood reacts to Bruce Willis' retirement due to illness -


A few hours ago, moviegoers worldwide were faced with sad news: Bruce Willis was retiring from the cinema after being diagnosed with Aphasia. The disease reduces the ability to communicate, preventing everyday conversations. A situation that directly impedes the normal development of his profession. In recent years, his presence on the front line had disappeared. Willis participated above all in tapes that went directly to the domestic market, this being a path that led to a category of its own within the Razzies. These have already erased that “honor” from their record, and their Hollywood peers have been unable to do anything but surrender to the career of a man who worked on immortal titles such as Jungle GlassEl Protégé, or Looper. One of the first to express his sorrow at the withdrawal of his partner has been John Travolta, who had a good friendship since they filmed the legendary Pulp Fiction together: “Bruce and I became good friends when we shared 2 of our greatest hits, Pulp Fiction and Looked Who’s Talking. Years later, he said to me, ‘John, I just want you to know that I feel like it’s happening to me when something good happens to you.’ That’s how generous his soul is. I love you, Bruce. Precisely from the cast of The Sixth SenseHaley Joel Osment, the actor who played that child who said that “sometimes I see dead people” He also did not want to miss the opportunity of what it was like to perform with him and how sad the news about his illness makes him

It has been challenging to uncover the correct phrases for someone I have always respected, first on the big screen and then for a time. Blessed break, in person. He is a true fable who has improved all of our lives with a remarkable career traversing nearly half a century. I am so thankful for what he brings to see firsthand and for the massive part of the work he made for us to relish for years to arrive. Finally, I just desired to say the regard and deep affection I have for his family and Bruce as they go along with the bravery and good satire that has always described them.

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