Saturday, April 16, 2022

Fur goggles and fiery jumpsuit: fans ridiculed Kim Kardashian's new outfit -


Before we had time to recover after seeing Emma Corrin in a dress with a bra in the form of balloons, Kim Kardashian again threw an idea for an unusual outfit.

Photographers captured the mother of many children in Woodland Hills, California. She was heading to lunch with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Relatives had a bite to eat in a restaurant before the premiere of a new reality show.

Kim has naturally captured all the attention of street photographers, and we totally understand them. She opted for a red catsuit, over which she wore a long-sleeve with a flame print and a red wrap leather skirt. The whole ensemble together looked at least strange.

The celebrity completed her outfit with a bag and glasses with fur. Kim slicked her hair down and decided to go without accessories. However, bright details are simply useless for such a flashy outfit – they will distract attention from the main thing.

“This is Kim’s weirdest costume so far this year,” “Just thought Pete was starting to be a good influence on her,” “Is Kim going to the premiere or an audition for an Incredibles cartoon?”, “This is definitely in the ranking of the worst outfits of 2022 the year. But it has just begun,” Internet users laugh in the comments to the frames. 

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