Monday, April 4, 2022

Did Will Smith's wife laugh after Oscar's slap? -


Video captured from the audience shows Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock being slapped. She looks pretty amused in the clip.

What was the correct response when the celebrity’s husband publicly released the most significant action of the year at the Oscars? Jada Pinkett Smith is said to have giggled – a video that has reached viral in the last few days now wants to show it.

After Chris Rock told a joke about Jada Smith’s baldness during the Academy Awards hosted by Chris Rock, Will Smith lost his temper and angrily slapped his face to avenge the action. The actress shaved her head due to hair loss.

The video that has now emerged reveals the reaction of Smith’s wife. It was documented from the front row of the audience. This clip demonstrates the stage scene where Chris Rock and Will Smith are in the front. The slap itself can no longer be seen The video is just beginning when Smith turns to go.

Smith returned to his seat, his facial expressions barely recognizable due to poor image rate. Jada Pinkett Smith sits with the camera behind her, her hands clasped in her lap. Chris Rock’s comment, “Wow, Will Smith just broke my face,” was heard from the audience with laughter, and Smith’s wife leaned forward laughing. Once again, however, the quality of the image leaves much to be suspicions.

Will Smith ran his now-famous lines about Rock, not to mention his wife’s name on stage, and Smith explained that it was a joke. Jada Pinkett Smith’s eyes are fixed on the stage. It looks like she’s not looking at her husband.

In comments to the video, users accuse his wife of “leasing him” or “ruining Will’s life,” he writes. One post even goes so far as to say, “I like Will, but I can’t stand the stupid Jada.” Unfortunately, none of the spouses commented on the video.

Another video detailing Chris Rock’s reaction has surfaced recently. Its shape is visible immediately after the attack. When he is given the Oscar award, he looks irritable and lost in his thoughts. He looks around the area, looks up, and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

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