Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Denzel Washington defends Will Smith: "It could have happened to anyone - yuetu.info


Will Smith‘s aggression against Chris Rock has overshadowed everything that happened at the 94th edition of the Oscar Awards. During this week, there has been no talk of CODA’s triumph or how well Lady Gaga supported a disoriented Liza Minnelli while they were awarded the final prize. Instead, the media had opened their news and programs with the embarrassing act, which Jim Carrey had already commented on from the BAFTAs, who were also very critical of the public that applauded the actor when he picked up the statuette. Most of the industry has condemned the act, but now Denzel Washington has come out to show the most sympathetic version with Smith.

As soon as the slap happened, the actor from The Williams method went to his seat. However, the aggressiveness had not ended there then. He yelled at the comedian to stop naming his wife. Moments later, Denzel Washington and Smith’s publicist came to reassure him. In his speech, the winner quoted what Washington, who was also nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Disaster of Macbeth, had previously confessed to him: “Be careful at your best, for that is when the devil is after you.”

In an interview with Bishop TD Jakes, Washington spoke of the event and the meaning of the phrase that has gone around the world: “Well, there is a saying.

‘When the demon neglects you, you know you are doing something wrong. devil says, let him go. He is my favorite. ‘ But, on the opposite, when he comes to you, it is because you are attempting to do something good. And for whatever cause, the devil caught that night. 

The talk with the preacher continued, and finally, Washington took the matter down, pointing out that it could happen to anyone: 

According to Hollywood, Who are we to condemn? I do not know all the facts of the case, but I know that the only solution, as I see it, is to pray.

 The act could mean the end of Will Smith’s career, having already paralyzed several projects with Netflix and Sony Pictures. On the other hand, Chris Rock has gained a following on social media and has sold out every show on his tour. In addition, there is speculation about a possible interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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