Saturday, April 9, 2022

Chris will not address Will Smith's Oscar slap on his comedy shows -


In New York, During a surprise comedy, Chris Rock publicized that he would not discuss Oscar slap and Will Smith.

Although tickets to his comedy concerts have soared, Chris Rock is not willing to talk about Will Smith’s scandalous

Oscar slap. During a wonder set at the Comedy Cellar on Tuesday night, Standup noted that he would not talk about Will and the moment that stunned the world.

He literally only talked about it when the crowd was going wild for his striking looks, and he came on stage and said, ‘Lower your anticipations. I’m not going to fix this mess, “one audience member told Page 6.

Fans also noted that Chris jokingly said he was working on his content because “suddenly people cared about his early shows.”

In addition to the comedy show patrons, sources have

Revealed exclusively on the life of Hollywood, how the 57-year-old comedian is apparently still reeling and will probably not be able to accept the star’s apology to the new Prince of Bel-Air. “He can’t imagine forgiving Will, befriending him. Completely wrapping up is just weird,” sources close to Chris told us.

Also, Chris knows that temptation is not something people will soon forget. “Chris Rock doesn’t want Will Smith to be slapped in the face for defining him and the rest of his profession. It’s useless that it’s part of his life forever.

Since the slap, ticket sales for Chris’s comedy shows have definitely increased in his favor. Yet, although his audience is hoping to deal with the slap, The source explained that he is still not ready to go. “He doesn’t know when he’ll speak about it, he knows he’ll have to do it sometime, but he’s literally concentrated on his tour and has to determine the dust thoroughly. “It’s still crude, passionate, and rambling to deal with and comprehend.

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