Saturday, April 2, 2022

Celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson dies at 27 -


AJ Crimson, beauty mogul and makeup artist to celebrities including Fergie, Hilary Duff, Regina King, and Angela Bassett, died at 27 on Wednesday, March 27.

“AJ Crimson was a leader in the makeup industry who set a high, attractive, and unrestricted beauty standard for people of all shades,” Crimson’s family shared.

We as a family are heartbroken and overwhelmed by his death, but he is thankful to each of us for the lessons he left with his truth, candor, and leadership.”

The statement continued, We thank you all for your thoughtful comments, tweets and posts because AJ was an impulse to us because he was a bright light to the rest of the world. There are no comments that can cover it all. Until we meet again

Details surrounding the beauty professional’s untimely death have not been revealed.

The self-taught talent, who has also glamorized Missy Elliott, Brandy, Christina Milian, and more, launched her AJ Crimson Beauty brand in 2012 with lipsticks and glosses.

She then expanded her company to include foundations, primers, powders, etc. Crimson products have been used on the sets of hit shows like “Scandal” and “American Horror Story,” as well as in movies like “The Hunger Games.”

Actress Bresha Webb was among the stars who shared tributes to the artist on social media after his passing.

I have no words. I won’t go for a while. I will love you forever, AJ. You had so many plans, and you were one of the most inspiring, sweet, generous, multi-talented, multi-scripted people I’ve ever met,” the “Run the World” star. He wrote on Instagram Thursday.

“I am lucky to have been a part [sic] of your journey, and I will keep your legacy alive. And boy, did you leave a legacy. Praying that your spirit is raised to heaven and that the angels accompany you with all the harmony and sweetness you shared on this earth. Praying for his family and everyone who loved him.”

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