Thursday, April 7, 2022

Andrew Garfield's Girlfriend Reveals If They're Even Together After Split -


Alyssa Miller has reacted to gossip that she and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ star broke up with a ‘cute’ photo.

News of the breakup of Andrew Garfield and Alyssa Miller began circulating, with the model dispelling claims that they had parted ways on Monday, April 4, after taking a sweet selfie with the actor on Instagram. However, Alyssa, 32, had the best reaction, showing that the couple is still together. “If you want to chat, at least use a nice picture,” she noted in the caption.

Through an HE source, The selfie showed Alyssa and Andrew, 38, making stupid faces as they leaned over. As well as joking about using a beautiful photo, the Sports Illustrated model also enclosed a sweet message for Andrew. “Lol, I love you, AG,” she noted with a butterfly emoji. Alyssa’s remarks came a day after it was reported that the couple had separated due to “work and schedule dedications.

Putting the rumors aside, Alyssa and Andrew seem to enjoy a standard time together. In February, The two were spotted enjoying a game of tennis together on a court in Malibu. The pair were in sports gear and had snowshoes as they drove to the car together.

In February, e! News, At the 2022 SAG Awards, The couple debuted on the red carpet together. The social media actor and model began to publicize their relationship when Andrew promoted his musical Flick Tick, Tick Boom. Although it is not clear when their relationship started, but when they were seen together, the couple fell in love. 

Andrew and Alyssa are enjoying a break together, especially after Andrew’s busy year in 2021 with the major release of Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! And Spider-Man: No Home Coming saw him re-wearing a Spider-Man suit with his Peter Parker predecessor Tobey Maguire and Spider-Man’s successor Tom Holland at the Multiverse box office success.

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