Friday, April 29, 2022

Alexander Skarsgard gained 9 kilograms for the role of a Viking in the film 'Northman -


Leading actor Alexander Skarsgård made a physical transformation while working on Robert Eggers’ new film

Northman about the ancient Vikings. The famous Hollywood coach Magnus Ligdback worked on the actor’s sports form and helped the artist gain 9 kg of muscle mass. They had previously worked on the film “Tarzan. Legend”.

Lygdbäck trained Skarsgård for about three months before the shooting began in March 2020, but the film was stopped.

Skarsgård then had to maintain his physique as he could for a few months without a gym before Lygdbäck could train him again from June to the end of August.

“Outwardly, we associated his hero with the huge size of a bear and the dexterity of a wolf, so we focused on such an external resemblance. His external image was supposed to scare and alert,” Lygdback said in an interview with Variety.

To achieve the desired goal, the coach developed a unique training schedule for Skarsgård, which includes plyometric exercises (a technique using the shock method) and activities for bodybuilders. The actor worked out in the gym six times a week for three months. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the original filming dates were pushed back, causing Skarsgård’s training to continue for another three months. Ligdbak clarified that despite the regularity of classes in the gym, the workouts themselves lasted no more than an hour. According to the coach, particular emphasis was placed on throwing exercises because, according to the plot, the hero of Skarsgard, Prince Amleth, often wields an ax and spears.

Ligdback also developed a special high-calorie diet for Skarsgard, which includes eating 3,700 calories a day and eating five meals a day.

The world premiere of the film “Varangian” took place on April 21. In some countries, the release of the film has been postponed for an unknown period.

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