Thursday, April 7, 2022

After Oscar's slap, Chris Rock is still 'emotional' and 'can't assume forgiving' Will Smith -


Chris Rock doesn’t want Will Smith to slap him and compliment him for the rest of his career, so it doesn’t look like he will accept Will’s apology anytime soon.

Like all of us, Chris Rock is still troubled when Will Smith punched him at the Oscars. The 57-year-old comedian does not think he will ever be able to apologize to the fresh Bel Air Prince.

He can’t suppose forgiving Will, befriending him. Sources close to Chris told Hollywood Life in particular that it was a strange thing to wrap it up completely.

Chris also knows that this is not something that people will soon forget. “Chris Rock doesn’t want Will Smith to be slapped in the face for defining him and the rest of his career. It’s sucks that it’s part of his life forever. King Richard Star hit Chris when he joked about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and called her GI Jane because of her bald head.

Jada suffers an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, but The Everybody Hates Chris Star was allegedly unaware of her condition.

But ticket sales for Chris’s comedy show have skyrocketed; since the slap; although his audience is hoping to tackle a slap in the face, yet, he is not ready to go.

He doesn’t know when he’ll speak about it, he knows he’ll have to do it sometime, but he’s literally focused on his tour and has to get rid of the dust completely. “It’s still raw, emotional,” the source explained. And it isn’t very easy to deal with and understand.

For the incident, Will Smith has apologized to the Academy and Chris.

He also resigned from the Academy immediately after the incident. However, Will and Chris have in common that they both try to move forward after the incident. The source explained.

“The most important thing right now is that Chris is trying to move forward positively and doesn’t want to be overly strict,”

Once Chris is ready to solve the problem, he wants to “explain everything in a very professional way because the way the situation was presented to him is as far as possible. Chris will probably focus on the situation at some point. The president of the Academy announced that he would continue to investigate the incident even after his resignation, which could lead to his expulsion from the Academy.

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