Sunday, April 17, 2022

After A Tough Victory In The UFC, Pannie Kianzad A UFC Star Shows Off His Lost Teeth And Broken Nose -


Two of Pannie Kianzad’s front teeth were knocked out in a brutal UFC fight. Her nose was also broken.

When the Iranian was done with three rounds in Las Vegas, she had her hand raised. After a rough fight, though, she had to pay the price. She made fun of her injuries after the fight, pointing out the gaping hole in her mouth. By the time she gave her post-fight interview, she had put her teeth back in, so she didn’t make fun of her injuries.

When she looked back on the fight, she said: “Memory: I think I had good ground and pound in the first round. I took her back and got good ground and pound in.

“At first, I felt great in the second round. Then, I found myself on the ground. No, I didn’t get it at all. It was really fast, so I think she could have won the round. I took it back right after that, so I didn’t think it was very important that she was knocked down. As long as I was still on the ground and being hit, that would be bad.

To say it another way: “I took the third round back. My hands were very sharp.” At the start of the fight, I cut her. Then I was cut and everything was bleeding, so I had to stop the bleeding. That means that everything I worked on worked.”

With her victory, Kianzad came back from a defeat by Raquel Pennington last September when she lost by a point. The 30-year-old lost her first fight in the UFC in 2019. After that, she went on a four-fight winning streak before she met Pennington.

Kianzad then called out Aspen Ladd, who was also beaten by Pennington last weekend. She was also called out by Kianzad. “I think we should fight now. In the end, she lost her fight with “Rocky.” I thought “Rocky” looked great. A lot of people say that she was in the 145lb division before, but now she wants to stay at 135lb. I think that’s the best match for her.

“We should go. She beat Lena, and I beat Lena. If I can, I think I’ll fight in late summer. Count how many times you can say I fight in the UFC. I work at this for a living, and I want to keep doing it until I can’t.”

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