Thursday, April 28, 2022

Actor Nicolas Cage has dispelled rumors about his outrageous purchases -


The unbearable weight of the massive talent star, 58, talked about Jimmy Kimmel Live’s visit to Bat Cave Rumors and much more. On April 20. Cage’s first appearance on a talk show in 14 years was marked – and, to say the least, it was worth the wait.

American actor Nicolas Cage has dispelled rumors about his outrageous purchases. For example, he denied the information that he allegedly acquired a cave with bats.

In addition, the artist admitted that he once became the owner of a two-headed snake. It turned out that such an idea came to him in a dream. He did not disclose the cost of the snake but told exciting details. “They fought. One head dominated the other. They had only one stomach. But I had to put a spatula between two heads to feed them; it was strange,” said the actor, adding that he gave the reptile to the zoo, where it lived for 14 years.

As for the cave with bats, Cage told an equally fascinating story about it. One day he really became interested in such a purchase. The cave he liked was put up for sale. It was covered with stalactites, and milky crystals adorned the walls.

“I was married, I thought I wanted to go to a cave, that it was like unfiltered sake, I thought I wanted to buy it, go down there with my wife, undress and drink. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the cave, and there were no mice there either,” said the artist.

Earlier, Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage was at the center of a scandal. He came drunk to one of the restaurants in Las Vegas and frightened the visitors with inappropriate behavior. Cage struggled to move around the establishment, uncombed, rumpled, and dressed in leopard pants.

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