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A 'new version' of Nebula will appear in the MU after avengers: endgame - yuetu.info


One unexpected Avengers: Endgame character that has been in the spotlight is Karen Gillan’s Nebula. As one of only two Guardians of the Galaxy characters left alive by Thanos’ snap, viewers saw her from a completely different perspective.

The film showed her caring for Tony Stark when he was close to death, her connection to the Avengers themselves, and even Gamora’s persuasion to betray her father in an alternate timeline – a direct parallel to what happened in the main MCU timeline. So, given all that, what’s in store for the character?

The next appearance of the heroine will take place quite soon, as she will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder along with other Guardians. All indications are that the team’s role in this story is minor. Still, luckily MCU fans will see them next year in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Part 3″.

During a press conference for the upcoming film The Clone, Karen Gillan hinted at how Nebula would change by now and how those changes might be reflected on screen.

One of the most exciting things about the Nebula for me was her relationship with his father and sister … and now that her father Thanos is gone, he was the source of it. It is fascinating to know how a character’s healing begins and who the character begins to become now that the threat that had always plagued her has disappeared. So I get a lot of pleasure out of it.

The actress noted that viewers would “definitely see a new version of the character,” indicating that she might have “a little more frivolity”:

What can I tell you without telling you? … I mean, she’s definitely going to be a slightly different person, just like what happens in End Game, after all. So we will definitely see a new version of the character. Maybe a weaker version of the character? Perhaps something too frank? But we’ll know because I haven’t seen the movie yet.


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