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How did Hailey Bieber and other celebrities celebrate Earth Day? We need to try harder -


The inhabitants of our planet have been celebrating Earth Day for 52 years: the decision to create such a holiday was made back in 1970. Every year around the world, various public organizations hold celebrations in which more than 1 billion people in 193 countries take part. On Earth Day, it is customary to talk about environmental issues – and here, celebrities cannot stand aside. This year, those who celebrated this event on social networks are Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez. Along with other celebrities, these star girls decided to remind you how important it is to love the planet on which we all live.

In her account, Kendall Jenner invited all subscribers to bow to Mother Earth and think about what every inhabitant can do for her. She posted on the Internet a selfie in a T-shirt with a picture of the sun and calls to save the rainforests and restore the ecology so that nature does not suffer from acid rain. The supermodel cited herself as an example, telling her followers that the production of 818 Tequila alcoholic beverages she created is absolutely environmentally friendly and does not harm the planet in any way. Kendall said she paid attention to detail during its development. For example, it took her a lot of time to find makers of alcohol packaging that would adhere to similar principles.

Hailey Bieber decided to draw attention to environmental issues by publishing a whole series of photographs in which she is depicted with her husband, pop singer Justin Bieber. The shots grab attention, but not only because of the celebrities in the frame – you can see the forest, turquoise seawater, the beach, and tropical islands in them.

Selena Gomez told more than 300 million subscribers that Earth Day is a great occasion to reflect on your attitude to the environment. “Happy holiday! I propose to think this day about what each of us could do more for this planet to positively impact the lives of other beings,” she wrote to fans.

Kerry Washington landed a recurring role on The Simpsons. She will become Bart's new teacher -


The Simpsons are constantly collaborating with stars, inviting them to play episodic roles, either themselves or characters very similar to them. So, on March 20, the premiere of the episode took place, in which The Weeknd voiced the fashion influencer Orion Hughes, who owns a clothing brand for skateboarding. And although the hero had nothing to do with the artist, outwardly, the teenager was exactly the same Abel (real name of the musician. And on April 22, Billie Eilish appeared in the Simpsons universe: the singer voiced a cartoon version of herself. Of course, such cases simply do not count.

The star of the TV series “Little Fires Everywhere,” Kerry Washington also distinguished himself by collaborating with the creators of Springfield. The actress joined the main cast of The Simpsons: she got not an episodic but a permanent role. Carrie will be the voice of Bart’s new fourth-grade teacher. Washington became Simpson Jr.’s first full-time teacher after the death of actress Marcia Wallace, who voiced Mrs. Krabappel from 1990 to 2013. According to the plot of the animated series, in the 25th season, Wallace’s character was fired, and since then, Bart has been studying with guest teachers, including Willem Dafoe (Jack Lassen), Harry Shearer (Ned Flanders), Sofia Vergara (Mrs. Berrera) and others.

Kerry Washington, in the form of a teacher, will be called Miss Peyton. And for the first time on the screen, she will appear this Sunday, April 24, in the episode of My Octopus and a Teacher. “She is an excellent teacher. But, like all the best teachers, she knows that her students can teach her as much as she can teach them. And training Bart is a job full of opportunities for growth,” Washington shared her impressions with Entertainment Weekly.

Why did the writers of The Simpsons wait so long before finding a replacement for Marcia Wallace? According to Carolyn Omin, who wrote the script for episode 24, they were just unfortunate to say goodbye to the actress’s character finally, so they delayed the decision.

How Rihanna takes after the detention of her boyfriend A$AP Rocky -


The previous morning, A$AP Rocky was arrested in November 2021 on charges of armed assault at Los Angeles International Airport. According to the injured man, the rapper and two friends allegedly opened fire on him during a quarrel and wounded him in the arm. The arrest occurred when the rapper and his girlfriend Rihanna returned from a vacation in Barbados. Later, insiders said that Ri came to the musician’s mansion to pick up his things from there, but the police searched there and did not let her inside. At the same time, the singer is now in the third trimester of pregnancy, and such unrest clearly did not benefit her. The source spoke about how Riri is doing, who must be in shock given this turn of events.

“This drama is the last item Rihanna requires right now. She likes to be peaceful, comfortable and 100 percent concentrated on the coming of her baby, not the pressure! So, of course, they did not expect this arrest. Rihanna committed to hosting the public side of her pregnancy on her own terms, and now all of a rash, things seem to be out of her control,” the insider explained.

As this certain acquaintance of the couple assures, the singer intends to give birth in Barbados, her native country. “Despite strong ties to New York, the plan was to make Los Angeles a home base as soon as the baby was born. However, Rihanna wants to give birth in Barbados and spend the first few months with the baby there before coming to the states,” he says.

The arrest news comes just a week after some insiders revealed that Ree and A$AP Rocky broke up after he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with shoe designer Amina Muaddi. The fashion designer then released a statement denying the “vile” rumors.

Cosmetics brand accused Amber Heard of lying in court with Johnny Depp -


Amber Heard was accused of misleading the court. Milani Cosmetics has found a discrepancy in the testimony of the actress against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

During one of the court hearings, Amber Heard, who accused her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, of domestic violence, said that she masked the marks of beatings with makeup. The actress’s lawyers showed the court a palette of Milani Cosmetics concealers, emphasizing that it was her client who used it on a daily basis to hide bruises.

However, representatives of Milani Cosmetics published a video on the brand’s official TikTok account, casting doubt on the words of Amber Heard. The fact is that the product, which was discussed in the courtroom, went on sale in 2017 after the marriage of the stars was officially annulled. This means the actress couldn’t use it while in a relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

On the stage of The Rum Diary in 2011, Depp and Heard met. In 2015, the actors got married but did not live together for a year and a half. Heard pointed for divorce in May 2016, and in January 2017, the marriage was officially annulled.

The ex-spouses are currently suing in a libel case. In April, Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against his ex-wife for implicitly alluding to his domestic abuse in her 2019 Washington Post op-ed. The actress filed a counterclaim for $100 million.

The previous lawsuit initiated by Depp against the tabloid The Sun was lost by him. He filed a lawsuit against British newspaper owner Dan Wootton over an article published in 2018 in which the actor was accused of beating his ex-wife.

Earlier, Amber Heard was accused of imitating Johnny Depp in court.

Jimin from BTS released the song With You. This is the soundtrack for the drama 'Our Blues' -


In addition to creating tracks and albums with the group, k-pop artists often seek to develop a solo career: musicians record their own songs and even compose compositions for TV shows. For example, in March 2022, TWICE’s Jihyo released her debut solo track, which turned out to be the song for the drama “25 Twenty-One”. The composition was called Stardust Love Song. Seventeen, BIBI, DK, and other famous musicians also took part in recording the soundtrack for the series. Now, the song for the drama was composed by one of the BTS members. On April 24, Jimin released the track With You.

The artist created the composition with his friend Ha Sung Woon, a former Wanna One and HOTSHOT member. With You is featured on the soundtrack of the drama Our Blues, which premiered on April 9. The song, of course, is dedicated to love. The musicians sing about the desire to always stay close to a person dear to their hearts in the track. With You has a gentle, lyrical sound: you can hear acoustic guitar and piano in it. The song has already managed to set a record on iTunes: the track topped the Top Songs chart in 100 countries almost five hours after the release. Thus, Jimin’s composition surpassed BTS’s hit Dynamite, which hit the top lines of the charts eight hours after the premiere.

The soundtrack was released on YAMYAM Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The visual sequence of the video consists of frames from the series: in the video, you can see the main characters of the story, which are going through a breakup, and remember the happy days spent together. Their roles were played by Shin Min-ah (“Cha Cha in a Coastal City,” “Oh My Venus”) and Lee Byung-hun (“The Magnificent Seven”). The latter actor, by the way, can also be found in the series The Squid Game, a Netflix hit in 2021.

Gal Gadot announced the completion of filming in the new "Snow White" and showed a photo -


The actress played the villain for the first time – the Evil Queen herself.

Gal Gadot has announced the end of filming for Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a live-action remake of the cult cartoon. The actress shared a frame from the last day of filming.

The filming of the new Snow White is still underway, but the team has already filmed all the scenes with Gadot, who plays the Evil Queen. The artist wrote about this on her Instagram Stories, where she posted a photo taken in what seems a dressing room. In a comment, Gadot wrote:

“Last day on the set of Snow White with the best crew in the world!”

Company Gal Gadot is, apparently, a makeup artist and stylist. On the film crew members, you can see T-shirts with the image of the Evil Queen. The image will be canonical if the villainess is the same in the film.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be Gal Gadot’s first film to feature her as a villain. In an interview with Forbes, the Wonder Woman star admitted that she was happy to get the opportunity to play an atypical heroine herself. Gadot also said that she would sing and dance in the film. And as the actress added, she loves working with Rachel Zegler, who plays Snow White.

Recall that the film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” director is Mark Webb, who shot the dilogy “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Gadot conveyed a behind-the-scenes photo of her on social media in a makeup chair. Evil Queen T-shirts have other crew members behind her, but it’s difficult to tell who they are, given the masks and the space. Yet, it does not matter because it is exciting to hear any updates about this movie. Although gadot has now finished filming his villain character, it is safe to suppose that the overall production is also close to wrapping.

Warner Bros. continues to cooperate with Ezra Miller after his arrests -


In early April, rumors surfaced that Warner Bros. may terminate cooperation with Ezra Miller. And all because of an incident that occurred in a Hawaiian bar. It turns out that the actor went overboard and began to rage: he was arrested after he took away the microphone from a woman singing in karaoke and also attacked a man who played darts. The case was quickly settled, and Miller was released after paying $500 bail. However, Hollywood studios immediately drew attention to this episode.

Then, in a number of foreign media, information appeared that after the incident with Ezra, Warner Bros. and DC leaders met at an unscheduled meeting. They had to talk about the further career of the actor. According to insiders, management discussed the possibility of pausing all projects in which Miller is involved. At the same time, officially, Warner Bros. never commented on the situation. However, insiders were sure that the studio would still refuse to cooperate with Ezra.

Miller’s adventures did not end there. On April 19, the actor again took up the old: he came to visit a friend and again began to commit excesses. However, this time it turned out to be much more serious. When a friend of Ezra asked the artist to leave the house, he threw a chair at one of the girls in the room. As a result, the victim received a head injury. Moreover, there was another one between these two cases – and again in Hawaii. Miller broke into the couple’s home, threatened them, and even stole several personal items.

However, despite a whole series of troubles, the leadership of Warner Bros. does not plan to terminate the contract with the unbelted actor. At least, such information was at the disposal of Deadline. Insiders said that the company’s management is not too worried about Miller’s behavior because he is no longer going to appear in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and The Flash will not be shown in theaters until June 2023. However, the superhero film is still in development, and the studio has no plans to cancel its release or move it to HBO Max.

Season 2 of The Bridgertons has become the most-watched series of all time. Viewers spent 2.5 billion minutes watching it in the first week -


The second season of The Bridgertons has already managed to break the record for the number of views on Netflix. Streaming reported that in the first 28 days of the series’ broadcast, users of the platform spent 627.11 million hours on it. The previous record belonged to the first part of the story about an aristocratic family – it scored 625.49 million hours watched. Meanwhile, the historical record on Netflix was not the last achievement of the sensational series. The independent company Nielsen presented the results of its research. So, the project from the Shondaland studio topped the rating of the most viewed pictures.

Nielsen measured the time viewers spent watching movies and TV shows during the week of March 21-27. It is important to note that the company took into account only the minutes watched on TV; the analytics did not take into account mobile devices. The meter analyzed Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV+ projects. 

The second season of The Bridgertons premiered on March 25, 2022. In the very first days of release, the Netflix hit scored more than 2.5 billion minutes of viewing. According to Deadline, citing Nielsen research, in the first week, the bulk of the project’s audience was made up of women – 76% of the total number of viewers. Recall that the plot of the second season of “The Bridgertons” focuses on the older brother’s personality – Anthony. The hero is determined to find a wife. His choice stops at the youngest of the Sharma sisters – the “diamond of the season.” But Anthony’s rational approach collapses when he realizes that he is in love with another.

The second line of the rating was taken from the film “The Adam Project.” It lags behind the Bridgertons by more than two to one, with 1.19 billion minutes spent on Netflix. The top three are closed by the culinary reality show Is It Cake?. Overall, according to Nielsen, viewers spent 30% of their time watching streaming content, the most significant proportion in television history.


'Love of my life': Megan Fox praised Machine Gun Kelly on his 32nd birthday -


This Friday, she congratulated her fiancé and part-time musician, Machine Gun Kelly, on his 32nd birthday. The beloved rolls a star on his back in a romantic picture, and pink clouds hover around. It is easy to see that the actress is thrilled next to her future husband. Megan did not hide her emotions from a multi-million audience and spoke about her love online. The Transformers star called him the love of her life and the unique person she’s ever met.

Affectionate confessions poured in after cameras caught a slightly awkward moment at the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards when Fox turned away from her fiancé when he tried to kiss her. However, in addition to love tirades, her message contained a pleasant dose of irony and humor. “Today, your mother told us that you were born a month prematurely. Apparently, you were supposed to become a charmingly mercantile Gemini. But as a baby, you were affectionate and fussy at the same time, and I can’t think of a better description for you,” she wrote.

In a relationship with the actress, Baker showed a different side of himself, hidden behind the pink-haired rapper’s cheeky image. Megan would like to remove the veil from the eyes of the people around them because only then will they understand what the star has found in him. “The world can’t even imagine what a tender, beautiful heart you have. How generous and considerate you are… How absurdly weird, smart, and witty you are. You are such a wonderful soul. I am honored to love you and be the reason for your love,” Fox writes.

While the press is speculating about the differences in the couple’s relationship, they share footage from the holiday on social networks. So, the lovers spent time at-home spa treatments and rested, surrounded by fresh roses and colorful balls. And let someone consider them too frivolous, but the meeting with Colson helped Megan Fox become herself.

The first footage from the movie adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Persuasion has appeared. Starring Dakota Johnson -


This summer, another adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion will hit the screens on Netflix. Dakota Johnson played the main role in the film. She will play Ann, a young Englishwoman whose family is deeply in debt. By chance, the girl is faced with her first love – Captain Frederick Wentworth, whose role went to the star of “Peaky Blinders” Cosmo Jarvis. The heroine must decide whether to leave the past behind or give the captain a second chance.

At the end of April, Netflix showed the first footage from the film. Even though the streaming service published only five pictures, they immediately scattered across foreign media and social networks. In two frames, Johnson’s character, dressed in a simple suit, stands next to the window. The rest of the images are dedicated to other characters. In addition to Jarvis, they are captured by Henry Golding – the star of the films “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Christmas for Two” and “Gentlemen.” He will play the role of the main character’s cousin.

Persuasion was directed by Carrie Cracknell, who became famous for a number of British theatrical productions. The script was penned by Ronald Bass, who won an Oscar for Rain Man. Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant, best known for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, will also appear in the frame. Sunrise”, “Killer’s Wife’s Bodyguard,” and “Loki.” In addition, Suki Waterhouse (A Rainy Day in New York), Nikki Amuka-Bird ( The Time ), and Mia McKenna-Bruce ( The Witcher ) played in Persuasion.

The reasoning was first published in 1817, after the death of Jane Austen. The novel was published under the same cover as another work of the writer – Northanger Abbey. Reasoning has become the basis for many theatrical productions and four film adaptations. At the same time, all film adaptations were created by British television companies. The Netflix version will be the first international project based on this novel. According to Collider, the film is due out on July 15th. Since the premiere is not far away, Netflix should also present a trailer for the picture in the near future.

Chris Rock's mother criticizes punishment for Will Smith -


The mother of Chris Rock, who suffered from the attack of Will Smith at the Oscars 2022, expressed her opinion for the first time about what happened. She considered the Academy’s decision to ban Smith from events for ten years insufficient.

What does this even mean? They do not participate in them every year,” commented Rose Rock. She also admitted that she was disappointed that Smith did not apologize to her son in person. “His people wrote an article that said, ‘I apologize to Chris Rock.’ But it has to be very personal. You have to do it yourself; reach out,” the woman believes.

According to Rose Rock, the culprit of the incident, Will Smith, simply went on about his wife. “I would tell him, ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ You slapped me, but so many things could have happened. Chris could step back, stumble and fall. You really could have been taken out in handcuffs. You didn’t think. You reacted to your wife giving you a sideways look; you stood up and made her happy because she laughed when it happened,” she remarked and added, “When you hit my baby. You hit me.”

Recall that Will Smith received the Academy Award this evening after the incident.

She also remarked on Smith’s apology and said how he has yet to reach out to Chris Rock. Finally, however, the actor turned to social media for a public apology. “I’m sorry he never apologized,” Rose said. I mean, his people wrote a piece that said, ‘I apologize to Chris Rock,’ but you see, there’s something personal about it, you get it.

When he slapped Chris, he hit us all. He really hit me, Rose said. No one even heard his speech. No one could live at that point because everyone was sitting like, ‘What occurred now? After the incident, she reached out to her son to check on him and compliment him on his reaction.

Johnny Depp called his former partner and mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis -


The court session between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues! But as it turned out, not only the last scandalous wife of a Hollywood actor was able to awaken in him not the most pleasant emotions. He called former partner and mother of his children Vanessa Paradis, a “French sex extortionist” in a message to Elton John. HOWEVER, ALL THE FORCES OF THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star are now focused on the libel trial against the ex-wife.

The second week of court hearings ended with the jury being shown video and audio recordings of “episodes of violence” involving Depp. Heard’s lawyers try to portray Johnny as an out-of-control alcoholic and drug addict, while he claims that it was AMBER WHO WAS THE AGGRESSOR during their heated argument. During his testimony, the actor told the court that she bullied him, called him names, threatened to hurt herself if he left her, and used hard drugs throughout their marriage.

On one of those nervous days, he remembered how the star said that his two children – Lily-Rose Depp and son John Christopher “Jack” Depp III did not like him at all, and Johnny was a disgusting father. Although the actor himself assures, the reason is the bad relationship of his heirs with Amber, because they never liked her. But to disprove this claim, Heard’s team produced an email Depp wrote in 2013 to Elton John by mail. He complained about his ex-Miss Paradise, who gave him two children. In a letter, Johnny told Sir Elton about his mother’s health and then admitted to the singer that his children “fell in love” with a new darling, but now the former is trying to “brainwash” them.

“On the other side of the coin… my kids fell head over heels in love with my girl, and that pressure was gone from my shoulders! Despite the attempts of the French extortionist to brainwash them against her, which I am sure will inevitably happen,” he wrote to Elton John.


Gigi Hadid's 27th birthday party turned into a fashion show with Emily Ratajkowski and Blake Lively -


Last Saturday, one of the famous Hadid sisters celebrated her 27th birthday. Of course, few people could believe in this figure because thanks to the type of baby face and bright charisma, the star could hardly be considered an adult. So she decided to celebrate a special holiday in the New York restaurant Zero Bond, which is uncovered in the core of the city. 

Gigi Hadid threw a party in one of the clubs in Manhattan in honor of her birthday. The guests gathered at the Zero Bond establishment: the sister of the birthday girl Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and actress Blake Lively demonstrated luxurious outfits at the entrance, arranging a defile in front of photographers.

The weather in Manhattan was especially warm, so all the VIP guests of the top model decided to walk in their best spring outfits. Among them were members of the Hadid family – brother and sister Anwar and Bella, mother Yolanda, as well as close friends – Emily Ratajkowski, Blake Lively, Zive, and others. To many fans, their appearance was reminiscent of a mini-fashion show, where the main star of the impromptu “catwalk” was the beauty, Gigi. The radiant blonde accentuated her bright looks with a white lace look from Dion Lee, consisting of a corset top, the same translucent trousers, and a sophisticated coat. Jacquie Aiche pearl jewelry and snow-white leather pumps became a perfect addition to the outfit. The truly angelic appearance of the star literally lit up the twilight city.

Her sister Bella Hadid wasn’t trying to draw the attention of the press, so she opted for a darker and sultry version. She wore a striped cropped vest and a mini-skirt made of suit fabric and also completed the look with black pointed leather boots and a small shoulder bag.

Gigi’s ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Zayn Malik were not invited to the party. Last year, the couple parted ways after the star’s mother, Yolanda, accused him of assaulting her.

'The Mummy' is the most significant loss in the life of Alex Kurtzman -


Alex Kurtzman, who is the writer, director, and executive producer of Showtime’s new sci-fi series The Man Who Fell to Earth, spoke about his “cruel” experience directing Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, which was a planned reboot of the franchise.

The project, which was released in June 2017 and was considered the launch of Universal’s cinematic Dark Universe, was a failure both critically and commercially, and Kurtzman has not directed a feature film since.

“I tend to take the view that you learn nothing from your successes, but you learn everything from your failures. And that was probably the biggest setback of my life, both personally and professionally. There are about a million things I regret about it. Still, it has also given me so many gifts that are unspeakably beautiful. I didn’t direct until I made this film, and it wasn’t because it was well directed, but because it wasn’t,” he commented.

Recall that the ‘Mummy’ received many nominations for the leading anti-award in the world of cinema ‘Rusty Bagel.’Cruz plays an American sergeant in The Mummy who opposes an undead Egyptian princess (Sofia Boutella) just to collect a mummy himself (or something). But that was not the end. Not only did Cruz rapidly rebound with Mission: Impossible – Fallout, but Universal also found another way to restore its old Monster IPs: out-of-the-box, low-budget versions, such as Elizabeth Moss’s performance in The Invisible Man, which is more about classic movies anyway. In other words, there is a happy ending.

Alex Kurtzman – a longtime franchise film screenwriter who co-created the showtime stub in The Man Who Fell to Earth, which once turned into a Trippy David Bowie movie – Talked about the catastrophe on the podcast Bingeworthy. After five years, he is more pleased speaking about the film that destroyed the cinema universe. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 


After two years of wedding, Sean Penn and Layla George conclude the divorce -


While JENNIFER LOPEZ AND BEN AFFLECK are dreaming about their upcoming wedding, Sean Penn and Layla George have finally filed for divorce. Despite 30 years of the age difference, in 2016, a romantic relationship began between celebrities, but the lovers decided to legitimize their feelings only in July 2020.

It is a compassion that the anticipations of the husband and wife did not come true, and the joint exits on New Year’s Eve were the beginning of the end. Already in the fall of 2021, the Australian actress hired her personal judge to speed up the difficult period entrusted to California’s overburdened courts.

And this Friday, the once-spouses found their freedom, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. Of course, there was a bunch of gossip in the press, and someone even suspected the girl of commercialism. However, these fears are unlikely to be confirmed because the ex-spouses do not require material support from each other. True, Sean has something to blame himself for, and he understands the problem of their sudden separation.

“I destroyed the marriage. We were technically wedded for one year, but for five years, I was a very inconsiderate guy. I permitted myself to believe that my place in so many other things was so significant that it drove me to complete depression and alcoholism. Beautiful, incredibly kind, resourceful, talented young women who marry an older man don’t really like it when they get up after a peaceful slumber, and their new husband lies on the couch, hasn’t slept since four o’clock, watching all the shit that’s going on in the world, and decides that 10:30 in the morning is the time to drink a double portion of vodka and tonic,” the actor recalls that difficult period.

And although Penn does not know how their relationship will develop further, Layla, according to him, remains the brightest woman that he could only dream of. As it turned out, this is not the first time the couple is going through difficult moments, but only now has Sean officially lost the favor of his beloved wife. Perhaps the ex-spouses will draw the right conclusions from the current situation and give each other another chance for happiness.

'Wrong Turn' director Declan O'Brien dies -


American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer Declan O’Brien died at the age of 56. The cinematographer passed away in February, but this was announced only now, reports Deadline.

The death of American director Declan O’Brien, who became known throughout the world after the release of sequels to the horror film Wrong Turn, came in February 2022, the Hollywood online publication Deadline reported on April 24.

Recall, O’Brien graduated from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, becoming a certified cinematographer. After that, he connected his life with the film industry, being engaged in producing activities, as well as directing and writing both in the US and abroad.

Declan was born in 1965 and, since childhood, was determined to devote himself to the art of cinema, for which he moved from Rochester, New York, to California. But becoming an actor did not work out of the blue, and O’Brien graduated from the California State Polytechnic Institute. After that, things went on. True, in a different, non-acting plane. However, Declan still appeared on the screens, filming himself in a micro role in the fourth Wrong Turn.

O’Brien’s debut work is the screenplay for the 2005 horror film Snake Man, well-known to fans of genre cinema. As a director, he directed opuses “Stone Monster,” “Monster’s Ark,” “Cyclops,” the unforgettable “Shark Stopper,” the third part of “Wow Trip,” and “Wrong Turns” from three to five. Plus, he has scripts for the films “Planet of the Savages,” “Alice Upside Down,” “Eruption in Miami,” and the paintings of the line “Marine” and “Harpies.”

Named the cost of each episode of the prequel 'Game of Thrones' -


Each episode of House of the Dragon, which will be a prequel to the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, cost the creators about $20 million. Thus, the production cost of the 10-episode first season, which debuts on August 21, 2022, was about $200 million.

Game of Thrones costs HBO about $100 million per season. The price per episode started at about $6 million in the first season. It rose to $15 million in the show’s eighth and final season.

In comparison, the Amazon television series The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power cost an estimated $465 million to produce an eight-episode first season. In turn, Netflix shelled out about $30 million for each episode of the fourth season of the fantasy show Stranger Things, which will be released in two parts in May and July.

Recall that the “House of the Dragon” action takes place two centuries before the events of the “Game of Thrones.” Instead, it will look at how House Targaryen took part in the bitter and violent civil war known as the “Dance of the Dragons,” which heralds the beginning of the end of the ruling family of Westeros. The title role is played by Paddy Considine.

With that in mind, Variety briefs that House of the Dragon Season 1 is priced at just under $ 20 million per installment. That formation is just higher than Game of Thrones Season 8’s budget per episode, about 15 million. According to HBO’s Production Insider, he said, which showed the cost, HBO varied on a massive world-building series such as GoT, Westworld, and His Dark Materials because of its experience with surprisingly low sums. “The team can make a high-quality series as efficient and effective as feasible.

Kim Kardashian Is Not A Defendant In Blac Chyna's Defamation Lawsuit Anymore -


Interesting news is out regarding Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna‘s defamation lawsuit. Check out the latest reports revealed by The Shade Room below.

TSR notes that ‘It looks like #KimKardashian has been ruled out when it comes to #BlacChyna’s defamation lawsuit against the Kardashian-Jenner family. All types of bombshells have been revealed during the trial, and the tea continues to spill! As we all wait for the final verdict, today, @People report that one of the defendants, Kim Kardashian is no longer on the hook! A judge has ruled that Kimmy will no longer be a part of Chyna’s defamation lawsuit.’

According to TSR. ‘However, her mother, Kris Jenner, and sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner continue to be listed in the lawsuit. Legal documents show the family’s attorney entered a request to have Kim removed from the lawsuit. Documents state that “because [Blac Chyna] has neither identified an allegedly defamatory statement by Kim Kardashian nor specified an instance where she ratified an allegedly defamatory statement by another party, the claim against her must be dismissed.”

Someone else said: ‘One thing Kim gon do is make sure she separated from them sisters if it mess wit her money.’

A fan said: ‘I honestly am not surprised! Damn, Chy. You tried. But they are just too connected to win against smh,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I got a feeling it will be Kris, Kylie and Khloe that would go down if anything lol.’

A fan said: ‘I never seen a family who trends then the Kardashians in this page are you sure Kris Jenner isn’t paying these people with these stories.’

Someone else said: ‘Kim and her sisters operate like the Cartel’s chile now the judge do have a point tho! Kim can’t possibly be apart of that hearing considering there’s no defamation statement in question made by Kim toward Chyna at all.’

Anya Taylor-Joy wants to bald for the role of Furiosa in the upcoming movie Furiosa, Mad Max: Spin-Off of Fury Road -


In rehearsal for the part of Furiosa in the Mad Max prequel, actress Anya Taylor-Joy plans to part with her luxurious locks. Filming is scheduled for 2022. Anya Taylor-Joy wants to shave her head for the role of Furiosa in the upcoming film Furiosa, an Mad Max: Fury Road spin-off.

Charlize Theron shaved her head for the filming of Mad Max: Fury Road; Furiosa appeared in the film with a very short haircut – almost bald. The spin-off will tell about the youth of Furiosa, and in the past, the heroine could well have had a different hairstyle. However, Taylor-Joy hopes to repeat the image of Theron and also shave her head.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s plans to radically change her image were told by costume designer Jenny Bevan in an interview with Variety. But, according to her, the director and screenwriter George Miller does not yet share the actress’s views on the appearance of her character:

“She wants to, but George doesn’t. So I don’t know if she’ll do it or not.”

Maybe Furiosa will have long hair for most of the movie. However, towards the end of the picture, Miller could show how and under what circumstances the heroine decided to change her appearance.

Filming for Furious is set to begin this summer. Chris Hemsworth will play the main villain. The cast also includes Tom Burke, who will play the role of Furiosa’s ally.

According to Variety, the actress is also training hard for the role at the gym. The prequel will tell the story of the formation of a wasteland warrior after the apocalypse. In the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa was played by Charlize Theron, but it was decided not to resort to computer anti-aging procedures and change the leading role.

Furious is set to release on May 22, 2024.

Vin Diesel took the request seriously. Paul Walker's mom asked her son to appear in Furious 10. -


Fast & Furious has always had two main characters: Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker). But in 2013, Walker died, and Fast & Furious 7 was the last film where Brian O’Connor appeared. Since then, the fate and success of the project fell on the shoulders of Diesel alone, who adequately coped with the task and is now ready to sum up, the entire 20-year history. “Furious 10”, which received the official name Fast X, will be the last part of the film series. Interesting fact: it turned out that the mother of the late Paul Walker would really like her son to appear in the final. Cinema Blend reported this.

Theoretically, such an outcome of events is possible: after all, Brian O’Connor did not die in the story, and modern technologies are quite capable of returning Paul Walker to the screen. In general, the appearance of Toretto’s colleague in the final part is also facilitated by the ending of Fast and the Furious 9: when Dominic’s entire family gathers in one house, but one of the chairs remains free. Then Toretto’s sister Mia says, “He’s on his way,” and Brian’s blue Nissan Skyline pulls up to the house just seconds later. Vin Diesel did not say whether he would comply with the request of Walker’s mother or not but noted that he took it seriously and that “the film he is making should honor the memory of Paul Walker.”

Recall that after the death of Walker, Diesel vowed to do everything possible for the grandiose completion of the Fast and the Furious. And he really tries. So, Jordana Brewster (Mia Toretto), Tyrese Gibson (Roman Pierce), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty Ortiz), Ludacris (Tej Parker), Sung Kang (Han Lo), Charlize Theron Natalie Emmanuel (Ramsay) will definitely return to Fast X (Cypher) and Michael Rooker (Buddy). But Dwayne Johnson will not appear in the future film. Unfortunately, the persuasions and requests of Vin Diesel could not convince the Rock to stay in the project. However, the audience is waiting for the appearance of new characters, which will be played by Jason Momoa, Daniela Melchior, and Brie Larson.

'Pig' director to film 'Sabrina' comic -


Drama thriller Pig director Michael Sarnoski will write and direct Sabrina, a feature-length film based on the graphic novel of the same name by Nick Drnaso. New Regency and RT Features will handle the financing and production. Sources close to Sarnosky say Sabrina will not be his next project as it is expected to be a Paramount spin-off of A Quiet Place.

The graphic novel tells the story of a man struggling with the disappearance of his girlfriend. Deeply depressed, he moves in with his old friend, who, in turn, is struggling to cope with the aftermath of a painful divorce. Sabrina’s disappearance is explained very soon – the girl was brutally murdered, and the tape with the crime is anonymously sent to news outlets and goes viral. As the story is circulated around the clock by news channels and social media, the two men are being targeted by caustic conspiracy theorists who have nothing to do with reality and do not spare the feelings of suffering friends.

Sarnosky made a splash with “Pig,” an award-winning drama last season with a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film’s lead actor, Nicolas Cage, also received high critical acclaim for his performance.

Sabrina, published in May 2018, became the first graphic novel to be longlisted for the Booker Prize two months later.

American filmmakers have been earning good money since last year’s Nicholas Cage-starrer Pig’s Helming. The drama film obtained crucial credit at the time of its release and obtained a fantastic 97% Rotten Tomatoes score, winning several Indie Awards in the process. Drnaso’s first graphic novel has had equal hit since its publication, which made the best lists at the end of the millennium in 2018 (including The Guardian and The New York Times). The fact that Sarnoski was chosen to take on the threequel of A Quiet Place is a testament to his growing capabilities. Sabrina can provide Sarnoski with the ideal source material to create a unique cinematic experience that audiences will definitely look forward to.

Friday, April 29, 2022

French actor and director Jacques Perrin dies. -


French actor and director Jacques Perrin dies at 80

French actor and director Jacques Perrin died at the age of 80. This is reported by Agense France-Presse, referring to the statement of the son of the artist Mathieu Simone.

Later in his most famous role, Perrin played Salvatore’s adult filmmaker who portrayed his childhood in the Oscar-winning “Cinema Paradiso.”

Perrin was also a co-producer of about 15 films, including Coasta-Gavras’ “Z,” which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Picture and Best Film Editing.

“The Chorus” (2004), led by his nephew Christophe Barratier, was a massive success in France, selling 8.6 million tickets at the box office.

The family of Jacques Perrin announces with deep sorrow the death of the director, who died on Thursday, April 21, in Paris. He passed away peacefully at the age of 80,” the actor’s son said in a statement.

The debut of Jacques Perrin as a film actor took place when the future star was five years old. The artist played one of the most significant roles in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Boris Vian, “Foam of Days.”

The actor was awarded the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in the film “Half a Man” at the Venice Film Festival in 1966. Also, he received the title of officer of the Legion of Honor in 2008.

In 1968, the artist founded his own film company Galatee Films, whose documentaries, such as Microcosmos (1996), Birds (2001), and Oceans (2010), were a great success and earned critical acclaim.

In 1973, Perrin tried his hand as a producer of the film “Home Sweet Home,” which tells about the restoration of a nursing home. Film critics highly appreciated the project, and it received 14 awards at international festivals.

Earlier it became known that the creator of the special effects of “Star Wars,” David M. Jones died at the age of 75.

Alexander Skarsgard gained 9 kilograms for the role of a Viking in the film 'Northman -


Leading actor Alexander Skarsgård made a physical transformation while working on Robert Eggers’ new film

Northman about the ancient Vikings. The famous Hollywood coach Magnus Ligdback worked on the actor’s sports form and helped the artist gain 9 kg of muscle mass. They had previously worked on the film “Tarzan. Legend”.

Lygdbäck trained Skarsgård for about three months before the shooting began in March 2020, but the film was stopped.

Skarsgård then had to maintain his physique as he could for a few months without a gym before Lygdbäck could train him again from June to the end of August.

“Outwardly, we associated his hero with the huge size of a bear and the dexterity of a wolf, so we focused on such an external resemblance. His external image was supposed to scare and alert,” Lygdback said in an interview with Variety.

To achieve the desired goal, the coach developed a unique training schedule for Skarsgård, which includes plyometric exercises (a technique using the shock method) and activities for bodybuilders. The actor worked out in the gym six times a week for three months. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the original filming dates were pushed back, causing Skarsgård’s training to continue for another three months. Ligdbak clarified that despite the regularity of classes in the gym, the workouts themselves lasted no more than an hour. According to the coach, particular emphasis was placed on throwing exercises because, according to the plot, the hero of Skarsgard, Prince Amleth, often wields an ax and spears.

Ligdback also developed a special high-calorie diet for Skarsgard, which includes eating 3,700 calories a day and eating five meals a day.

The world premiere of the film “Varangian” took place on April 21. In some countries, the release of the film has been postponed for an unknown period.

Rihanna Marked An Important Moment In Her Life With This Celebration -


Rihanna marked an important moment in her life with this celebration. Check out the latest reports that The Shade Room dropped on their social media account.

TSR noted: ‘On Thursday, #Rihanna penned a note in honor of #NationalHerosDay in her native home Barbados. Celebrating the April 28 holiday was extra special for Rih this year because she was appointed as a National Hero for the country back in November 2021. So this year is the first time Rihanna celebrated the historical day as part of the exclusive Heroes club!’

‘What an absolute honor to be amongst such great men and women who have come before me and held this title in commitment to our nation’ Rihanna wrote. ‘I will forever cherish these memories and continue to represent the Bajan people and my home Barbados to the fullest.’

TSR also said: ‘As previously reported, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley named Rihanna a National Hero during an on-island ceremony. Rihanna is reportedly the second woman to be honored in the country’s history among a group of 11. At the time, Rihanna was pregnant but hadn’t announced it yet—can y’all spot her little baby bump?’

Someone said: ‘Guess a lot of y’all need reading classes and health class because huh lol,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Ya like “She had the baby” when the photo says “NOVEMBER 2021”’

One fan said: ‘It was right around here that I began to really suspect that she was expecting and was like, “We gon’ know for sure in a couple of months.”’

A commenter wrote: ‘ it’s funny how many people ready to comment about her having the baby or being pregnant and not paying attention to the date. The real comments should be that she was hiding that bump.’

Became known the details of the plot of the second part of 'Dune' -


There is less and less time left before the filming of the Dune sequel begins: the actors already familiar to us should gather again on the same site on July 18. Surprisingly, more and more new information about the upcoming sequel is emerging. So, judging by the rumors, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler officially joined the cast of the second part of Dune. Also, Warner Bros. shared a short synopsis for the film.

Previously, the director of “Dune,” Denis Villeneuve, has already lifted the veil of secrecy about the plot of the future project. In the second part, Paul Atreides ( Timothée Chalamet ), along with his father’s concubine, Lady Jessica, will meet with the Fremen tribe and get acquainted with their culture. And the main character will have to fight with his sworn enemy. Villeneuve did not lie; events will indeed develop in this direction. “Part 2 will focus on Paul as he assembles a massive Fremen army to fight the ruthless Harkonnen as he essentially becomes the Messiah for the people of Arrakis,” Warner Bros. with the SFF Gazette.

In the sequel to Dune, not only Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson are expected to return, but also Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, and other actors from the main cast. As for the newcomers, Florence Pugh is set to take the place of the Emperor’s daughter, Princess Irulan, while Austin Butler will play the villain Feyd-Raut Harkonnen. The world premiere of “Dune 2” is scheduled for October 20, 2023.

And this year, a spin-off of “Dune” in the format of the series, which was called “Dune: The Sisterhood,” is due to be released on the HBO Max streaming service. It is due to be released on the streaming service HBO Max. The plot of the tape will be tied to the history of the ancient and powerful female order “Bene Gesserit,” which was formed after the uprising of people against thinking machines and robots, which went down in history as the Butlerian Jihad. Unfortunately, no release date or cast has yet been announced.

Recall that the first Dune by Denis Villeneuve was released in September 2021. In December, with the support of the IMDb portal, the film was recognized as the most popular film project of 2021. In addition to excellent ratings, the picture proved its greatness by the number of victorious statuettes at the Oscars. The work of Denis Villeneuve was announced in ten categories, and six of them turned into awards. Dune was awarded Best Editing and Sound, Cinematography and Production Design, Visual Effects, and Music.

Nicolas Cage blamed Elon Musk for his failed attempt to build a movie studio -


Actor Nicolas Cage says Elon Musk prevented him from opening a film studio in the US

According to Business Insider, last fall, Elon Musk’s tunnel maker, The Boring Company, received the green light to connect the Las Vegas strip to the Tesla-filled tunnels. The media outlet indicated that the goal of the boring company is to reduce the traffic in cities by constructing subterranean roads which are served by Tesla vehicles.

Clark County, Nevada, has approved plans for the Vegas Loop, a 29-mile network of tunnels under the Las Vegas Strip. It is building on the boring company’s first finished project: a 1.7-mile-long loop to carry passengers around the Las Vegas Convention Center.

American actor Nicolas Cage blamed Tesla CEO Elon Musk for his failed attempt to build a film studio in the US. The release of Jimmy Kimmel Live! with his participation was published on YouTube.

The artist said that he wanted to open a film studio in Las Vegas and even managed to negotiate with the local authorities, who promised to allocate $ 80 million to implement this idea. However, Cage’s plans were thwarted by an entrepreneur who at that moment came to the city and convinced the authorities to invest in his Tesla company.

Thus, the actor was not provided with studio funding. However, he noted that then he “almost succeeded.”

Earlier, Nicolas Cage, who starred in the National Treasure film series, explained why Disney never filmed the third film in the franchise. The artist attributed the lack of continuation to the inconclusive results of several films with his participation.

“The phone stopped ringing. So I’m like, “What do you mean when you say we’re not filming National Treasure 3? It’s been 14 years. Why not? Well, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice didn’t work, Ghost Rider didn’t sell enough tickets, and Crazy Ride just went unnoticed,” said Cage, while admitting that he likes to star in low-budget projects.

BTS' music video for Halsey's feat has reached 1.5 billion views. This is now the most viewed video on youtube -


The influence of BTS on the music industry is so great that the group’s tracks and videos often set historical records.

For example, in August 2020, the visualization of Dynamite gained 98 million views in the first day, which helped the musicians beat the previous YouTube maximum. Before that, Blackpink ‘s video for the song How You Like That was in the lead on the video hosting – it was watched 86.3 million times. Later, the video got into the Guinness Book of Records – three million fans watched the live broadcast of the clip simultaneously. Now another visualization of BTS is breaking records – the video Boy With Luv has gained 1.5 billion views.

The performers shared the good news on their YouTube channel BANGTANTV. Recall that the track Boy With Luv was released on April 12, 2019. It became a collaboration between BTS and Halsey . Then the song was introduced as the first single from BTS’s sixth mini album called Map of the Soul: Persona. In February 2022, the feat became the most popular Korean-language song in the history of Spotify , reaching 800 million streams in almost three years.

Now, the visualization of the hit can also boast of outstanding results: the video for Boy With Luv became the first BTS video to reach more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube. The most viewed video in the band’s history is followed by a visualization of Dynamite with 1.4 billion views. Finally, the top three is closed by the video on the DNA track.

It is possible that soon the boy band will set even more personal and historical records. On April 17, BTS announced their new album, which will be released on June 10 this year. The musicians have published a teaser of the long-awaited musical project on their YouTube channel. The visual of the video is a strip of black-and-white excerpts from the group’s performances and BTS’s clips. At the end of the video, the phrase “We are bulletproof” appears (“We are bulletproof”). At the same time, fans are intrigued by the words of Snoop Dogg about the future fit with the boy band . R

ecall that at the end of March 2022, the rapper spoke about the upcoming joint track. According to him, South Korean artists should share the details of the project with fans.

American actor says Will Smith's penalty "didn't suit the offense. -


Terry Crews says Will Smith doesn’t deserve his ‘punishment’ from the Academy.

If Rock had reacted differently to the slap, Crew would have said that Hollywood would have lost all “respect.

When I look back, what Chris did, he just decided to put it all together, which saved Hollywood in so many ways. Because I don’t know if there was a fight on that stage. If Hollywood is never respected, you know? It’s hard to imagine what would have happened. ”

Actor Terry Crews, best known for his roles in action movies, doesn’t think Will Smith’s punishment for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars “fits the crime.” The Hollywood Reporter writes about it.

“Both Will Smith and Chris Rock are my dear, dear friends. I love them both. Like brothers… But there was a time in my life [when] I “was Will Smith,” and let me tell you, I did worse than Will,” Crews said.

This was probably about the cases when Crews got into a fight with someone who asked him for an autograph or attacked a man who allegedly spoke out about Crews’ pregnant wife.

The actor also said that if Chris Rock reacted differently to the slap, Hollywood would “lose all respect.”

Earlier, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned Will Smith from their events for ten years after the incident at the Oscars.

The Hollywood actor took to the stage at the Oscars on March 27. He slapped host Chris Rock because the comedian joked about Smith’s wife’s “very short hair” – Jada Pinkett-Smith suffers from an autoimmune disease, and her hair is falling out.

Later, when the actor took the stage to receive the Best Actor award for King Richard, Smith wept, apologized, and said it was necessary in life to protect his family, as his character Richard Williams, the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, did.

Each new episode of Stranger Things cost Netflix $30 million -


Netflix spent $30 million on each episode of Stranger Things

Each new episode of Stranger Things costs Netflix $30 million. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the company.

Speaking of Harbour, perhaps Season 4’s expensive budget for Stranger Things shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans. In the past, Harbour has corresponded Season 4 of Stranger Things to Lord of the Rings, although he was speaking especially about the journey that plays a part when the show produces.

Assuming that Netflix is ​​currently undergoing a substantial drop in subscribers, Streamer does not doubt that its investment in Season 4 of Stranger Things will bring more people back. Again, it could be argued that fans of Die Hard Stranger Things, knowing that the new season is just around the corner, weren’t the subscribers who left Netflix.

The platform spent that amount on every fourth season’s episode, which is scheduled to premiere in May. The season will include nine episodes in total.

Stranger Things is a fantasy horror film starring Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, and Finn Wolfhard. The series is about children who witness paranormal activity that is being secretly investigated by the government. The project started in 2016.

On April 20, it became known that the publication of the reporting of the Netflix video service led to a drop in the value of its shares by a quarter (27.7 percent) to $348.61. The negative reaction from investors is associated with the first decline in the number of subscribers in ten years. The reasons for this dynamics were both the departure from Russia, where the service, as it turned out, had 700,000 subscribers and the overall reduction in the number of customers due to the lifting of coronavirus restrictions and increased competition.

Doctor Strange 2 banned in Saudi Arabia over LGBT character -


This is the second superhero action movie in six months that will not be shown in the country.

It is assumed that we are talking about America Chavez, a new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, better known as Miss America. Chavez will join Doctor Strange as he travels across the multiverse.

The orientation of Miss America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not yet been revealed, “Doctor Strange 2” has not yet been shown to reviewers. But, apparently, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the censors are guided by comics where Chavez was a lesbian.

Saudi Arabia has banned the release of Marvel’s new comic book Doctor Strange 2: Into the Multiverse of Madness.

According to the publication, this decision was made due to the presence of an LGBT character in the film. But, of course, we are talking about the superheroine America Chavez (Miss America).

It is also reported that Qatar and Kuwait may introduce a similar ban.

Earlier it became known that the poster for the Doctor Strange sequel was edited for Italian viewers because of the depicted gesture, which in the Mediterranean region can be mistaken for a “sign of a traitor.”

The world premiere of this tape will take place on May 5. According to the plot of the film, Stephen Strange, helping Peter Parker, violated the space-time continuum. So the magician turns to another superheroine of the Marvel Universe, Wanda, for help.

Outside of Saudi Arabia, advance ticket sales for the film are not available in Kuwait and Qatar. However, whether local censors have banned the tape’s distribution is not yet clear.

As of April 22, tickets for the film were still on sale in the United Arab Emirates. Probably, the sequel to “Doctor Strange” was still allowed to be screened in the country.

In November 2021, The Eternals was banned from screenings in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman – just a week before release. One of the reasons was the appearance in the picture of the scene of a homosexual kiss.

Ray J Addressed Viral Clip Of Kanye West And Kim Kardashian - Lil Duval Weighs In On The Situation -


It’s been just revealed that Ray J responded to a viral clip of Kanye West delivering Kim Kardashian the computer and hard drive that contained her sex tape. Check out the video and the latest reports below.

‘Oop! #RayJ had a few things to say after seeing a clip from a recent episode of The Kardashians! Ray commented on a post shared by @hollywoodunlocked showing the moment #KimKardashian received a gift from #KanyeWest,’ The Shade Room notes.

TSR said: ‘In the clip, Kanye is seen delivering a large suitcase with a computer and hard drive inside allegedly containing the entire footage of Kim and Ray J’s 2007 sex tape. According to Kim, Kanye had flown back to Los Angeles to meet Ray J at the airport to retrieve the items, then immediately flew back to New York to deliver the surprise to her ahead of her SNL performance.’

TSR also noted: ‘After the emotional moment, #KrisJenner thanked Kanye for “his unbelievable way he does things, and the ability to get something done. And probably a big fat huge check,” to which Kanye replied, “Oh, definitely not no check. We not getting extorted ever again.’

DJ Aone said: ‘Ray J what’s good?! If it’s old Kayne songs on just say that!!!’ and Lil Duval posted this: ‘The wild part is y’all gon keep watching and the rating gon keep going up cuz y’all slow.’

Someone else said this: ‘It’s funny because she wants us to forget it but that’s all she talks about.’

Someone else said: ‘I mean her tape has been out there for a decade, can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.’

Someone said: ‘Whether she has the hard drive or not, it’s still all over the internet.’

Tinder swindler Simon Leviev faces a prison term. The police got an arrest warrant -


The Spanish police finally received an arrest warrant for the disgraced adventurer Simon Leviev. The famous “Tinder scammer” is facing jail time due to an incident that happened in 2019 in Spain.

When they arrived, they found a Russian blonde with a £ 7,500 Hermes handbag and an Israeli man with a £ 370 Gucci shirt.

Police sources said that the Israeli had produced a driving license in the name of Michael Bilton yesterday when he was asked for his identity before reaching the two-truck to take the rented car.

Despite police suspecting the document to be forged, no arrests were made, and the couple was allowed to return to Malaga, a two-hour taxi ride, after giving an address to police in the Costa del Sol. ۔

A forensic investigation into a man posing as a Bilton, allegedly forging and committing a traffic offense when he rammed his sports car into the sand, was stopped after he did not respond to a court summons.

Simon’s $100,000 Maserati was stranded on the beach, and the guy told the police who arrived at the scene of the accident that he was a tourist named Michael Bilton and presented a fake driver’s license. During the incident with Leviev, his companion, a Russian model named Polina, was in the car.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the police officers saw a Netflix documentary dedicated to Simon and remembered the events of 2019. Even then, the police had suspicions that the man’s documents were fake, but the warrant was never received at that time. Leviev himself told TMZ that he had already served time for forged documents that year. The 31-year-old adventurer believes that he cannot be convicted twice for the same crime.