Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Umbrella Academy Elliot Page changes character -


Netflix has teamed up with comic creator Viktor Hargreeves to to announce and present.

 The actor will be transgender in the third season of ‘The Umbrella Academy.’

The Umbrella Academy has just announced a significant change. The streaming platform that hosts the successful show, Netflix, has confirmed that the fiction based on the award-winning comic will become a reality, and the character of Elliot Page will be transgender in the third season. Vanya will be left behind, and Viktor Hargreeves will arrive, who has been presented in a new image that those responsible have shared on social networks.

Netflix‘s announcement has been accompanied by the first image of Page as Viktor in the highly anticipated new episodes of The Umbrella Academy. We still do not know, since those responsible for the series have not yet clarified, is how the character’s transition will take place in the third season of the show. At the end of 2020, Page announced that he was transgender and that it would not change his character in the series. It seems that something has changed along the way while the production was being shot and prepared and that both the actor and those responsible for fiction have decided to adapt and modify everything for production.

How will it affect the plot? Will they talk about changes to timelines and variants? The second-season cliffhanger opens up new scenarios and possibilities, so all the cards are on the table. We will have to see how the scripts and the plot adapt to this news that has unexpectedly caught many fans. Page continues to shield his career as an actor in Hollywood, with exclusive agreements with majors such as Universal and producing different films in recent months.

Both Page himself and Gerard Way, creator of the original comic, have welcomed Viktor through social networks, assuming one of the first steps towards the promotional campaign for the third season. The third season, we remind you, will be released on June 22 of this year, being one of Netflix’s milestones after Stranger Things. In addition, the new trailer for The Umbrella Academy is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

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