Thursday, March 31, 2022

The most emotional memory of Taylor Hawkins comes from James Corden -


The sudden death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has sparked worldwide reactions.

Actor James Cardon’s “Late Late Show” also delivered homage to the late rocker.

On the March 28 show, three days after the drummer’s death, Corden shared emotional words about the tragic loss of Hawkins, as well as a video of him. It was created as part of their “Late Late Show,” which features Taylor Hawkins and frontman Dave Grohl recreating drums jointly at a music store.

Corden described Hawkins’ death as “shocking and saddening” when he heard the news. “You’ve read a lot about Taylor and everything you’ve read is true: she was a shining light. And lit up every room she went in. And was very happy and light and loving. Was full of and all the things you want.

He then introduced the video.

This is an excerpt from the 2017 collaboration for the Late Night Show.

The Foo Fighters videoed a “carpool karaoke” with Corden, a well-known form where the host drives the musicians in the car and sings the respective artists’ hits together.

After pretend drums were used during the karaoke and the group asked Cordon if he recreated the drums himself, Van pulled up in front of a music store. Corden defiantly says in the video that while he’s never played drums, he can “kick their asses because rhythm” is in his blood. After that, three drums can be noticed in the store, which is then recreated by all three in turn.

Viewers pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins: On YouTube, one fan commented that the show was a true reflection of her joy and energy, while another user wrote that they were “waiting for that tribute.” . In many other comments, fans of Foo Fighters mourn his loss and recall the role and work of Taylor Hawkins.

Foo Fighters announced the drummer’s death on March 26.

Since then, the band has pinnacled the UK charts with their most significant hit album of 2009.

Countless memorial and memorializing posts for Hawkins have been uploaded to social media, including those by Miley Cyrus and Elton John. The cause of the musician’s death stays vague: a first toxicological report is available, which tended to identify many medications and drugs in his body.

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