Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tamar Braxton's Latest Thirst Trap Video Will Have Fans Drooling - yuetu.info


Tamar Braxton shared a video on her social emdia account which has fans and followers drooling. Check out the post that she shared on her IG below.

‘Some of y’all will say this is a thirst trap! And you’re right! But the attention I’m seeking is for MYSELF to MYSELF! This is me in all of my SELFLOVE GLORY!! I will not hide my scars, I will not be ashamed of my past, my flaws, or my body!! I will love ALL of me just as I am! Get ready for all the self love posts for 16 days all the way up to #sttamarsday I’m on the road to 45ine.’

Someone said: ‘How can you say you love yourself just the way you are, but have on a filter???  make it make sense sis.’

A follower said: ‘When you’re young you see the outer beauty but when you been through some stuff,you get wiser and look for the inner beauty.’


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A post shared by Tamar Estine (@tamarbraxton)

Someone else said: ‘Love @tamarbraxton . And love the progress . Your body is looking amazing. But this should be for your HUSBAND ONLY . Not about traps and what not , this is about what you are praying for ?! You are praying for a Man of God , yet is showing your sacred body to everyone else to see . You know the word of God. You Know what he wants for you. Save yourself and Love yourself for a Man that God has for you.’

A fan said: ‘People who don’t love themselves will never understand this but the real ones know.’

One other folower posted this: ‘Why is this necessary to show the world what you would where in the bedroom to show that you love yourself? I’m glad you love your body, probably worked hard for it, you deserve it but this leaves nothing to the imagination. Butttt do you, you’re entitled and it’s your life.’

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