Wednesday, March 30, 2022

'Sister Death,' the prequel to 'Veronica' that will come to Netflix by Paco Plaza -


The devil’s convent! The coming of age, signed by the filmmaker responsible for [REC], will tell the origins of this dark nun.

When it comes to caliber, the legs are short. After Will Smith‘s slap in the face of Chris Rock caused during the Oscars 2022 gala ( the reasons for that fact have been explained ), Netflix has established a little peace on social networks, at least for lovers of terror, confirming that Veronica will have a prequel centered on the dark blind nun that we saw in the 2017 film: Sister Death

In addition, Paco Plaza has starred in a video in which he explains what the feature film will cover, which will see the light of day on the Adam Project platform.

The film will take place in a convent to provide the background for Hermana Muerte, a film that connects with Verónica and that will allow us to reconnect with some of the characters that we saw in that feature film that even went through the Goya Awards, without much success, everything must be said. Parallel to The Fear Collection by Álex de la Iglesia, Plaza is beginning to build his own horror universe with that spiritism that brought him so much success in the past.

We don’t have a lot of details about the feature film at the moment, other than the fact that we will have Aria Bedmar, Almudena Amor, and Maru Valdivielso in the cast right now. Sister Death has no release date, and some footage may take some time. Filming has just begun, so there is still a long way to go. Yes, to warm up your engines, you can read Hermana Muerte Comics, signed by El Torres and Juan Fran MB.


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