Monday, March 7, 2022

LeBron James Addresses Why He Still Loves The Court -


LeBron James addressed the reason for which he still loves the court. Check out what he had to say.

The Shade Room notes this: ‘First rule to being a goat is you have to believe you’re the goat! And that seems to be no issue for NBA player #LeBronJames!’

TSR said: ‘In the latest episode of #TheShop, LeBron opened up about why he’s still hitting the court after 19 seasons! His answer came after he said explained that he dislikes missing games due to injuries because he thinks about fans, especially kids, who travel just to see him play.’

‘Just one day after the release of this interview, LeBron put up 56 points in the 124-116 #LosAngelesLakers win over the #GoldenStateWarriors,’ TSR said.

Someone said: ‘Then he went and dropped 56 on ‘em. Never question the power of self belief.’

A commenter posted this: ‘bro just had 56, if you hating on him you bored and wanna argue,’ and another follower said: ‘No cap. Ain’t nobody ever did what he doing 19 seasons in. Even the his team is losing HE has been balling. Most guys don’t even get to see this many seasons.’

LeBron James has been ejected from a game, and you can find out the available details below.

Someone said, ‘I miss the old NBA . When niggas was beating up other players n even fans,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I bet money LeBron would’ve laid that man out lol.’

A follower said: ‘Westbrook and AD be ready to risk it all for LeBron,’ and someone else posted this: ‘So y’all not gonna show the bloodied eye tho?’

A fan said: ‘Not shaderoom posting quarter of what happened,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Westbrook need to be put on a football field he was ready to tackle chile.’

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