Monday, March 28, 2022

Jada Pinkett's Baldness: Why Will Smith Was Angry With Chris Rock's Joke -


The comedian alluded to the character ‘GI Jane,’ a soldier with cropped hair, a joke that caused the ire of Will Smith at the 94th Oscars.

An uncomfortable and disconcerting moment was experienced at the 94th Oscar awards ceremony when Will Smith burst onto the stage in a rage during the presentation of one of the categories.

Chris Rock was presenting the award for Best Documentary when he made an unfortunate joke that angered the American actor and producer.

The comedian joked that Smith was looking forward to a sequel to GI Jane, blatantly referencing his wife’s bald head. Then Smith got up from his seat, walked over to Rock, and slapped him. After sitting back down, Smith yelled at Rock, ” Get my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth,” visibly irate.

The comparison of Demi Moore’s shaven-haired character in the 1997 film GI Jane alluded to alopecia, which Jada Pinkett has been dealing with for some time.

And it is that Will Smith’s wife has been wearing short hair for several years, a very excellent cut that has become her hallmark. However, in December 2021, the actress went beyond her and completely shaved her head, but behind this look, there is a compelling reason that the same actress uncovered on her social networks.

“I’m going to cut everything down to my scalp, so no one thinks I’ve had brain surgery or something,” Jada Pinkett Smith begins in her Instagram video showing off her style. “This alopecia and I will be friends… period!”

It appeared that way, and it would be a little difficult to hide. So I thought I’d share it so they wouldn’t ask questions, “the actress continued as she fell in love with her completely shaved head.

Earlier, in 2018, Jada talked about her baldness.

On her Red Table Talk show, she recounted how she started losing her hair. “It’s not easy to deal with,” she said. “I am struggling with hair loss issues. One day I was in the shower, and all of a sudden, I found that I had handfuls of hair in my hands,” she recalled.

Jada remembered that moment as the worst of her life in which, literally, she was trembling: “I thought… ‘God, I’m going bald’”.

In this way, the 50-year-old actress spoke directly about her condition, which other personalities have already revealed. In 2016, Keira Knightley had been suffering from alopecia for five years, forcing her to wear wigs. For her part, Naomi Campbell has also suffered hair loss from the abuse of using extensions.


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