Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Chris Brown Shocks Fans With This Voice Note From Woman Who Accused Him Of Rape -


It’s been just revealed that Chris Brown shared a voice note of the woman who accused him of rape. Check out the latest reports about this disturbing subject.

The Shade Room notes that Chris is speaking out after a woman hit him with a $20 million lawsuit alleging he raped her at a party back in 2020.

‘As we previously reported, the woman filed the suit against Chris claiming he forced himself on her on a yacht in Miami, and allegedly forced her to take a plan b pill,’ TSR said.

TSR contained and said: ‘An exclusive report by @radaronline revealed alleged text messaged between Chris and the unidentified woman, and Chris has chimed in with a response of his own on Instagram. The text message exchange shows many instances of Chris speaking with the woman, and even agreeing to meet up with her. In one of the screenshots, the woman sent a voice note, which Chris seemingly played on his IG story.’

TSR said: ‘The woman in the voice note asks for Chris to call her back, and says ‘I just wanna f*ck with you again.”

Someone said: ‘Crazy part is, some women do this when they don’t get what they want out of a dude who hit dat bottom. Glad I secure myself every way possible, cause I’m puttin’ dat ass under the jail once I whip my phone outwit full blown evidence.’

One follower posted this: ‘Women that lie should be held accountable just like the man would in these situations.’

A fan wrote this message: ‘I didn’t believe it from jump. She was suing him for money. Not trying to put him in jail. Money not gone fix the trauma you caused.’

Someone else said: ‘wow, its like every month a new story. He is strong for dealing with all the mess all time.’

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