Thursday, March 31, 2022

Billie Eilish and his brother Finneas registered a video message to the Ukrainians -


They were supposed to perform at a grand charity concert in Birmingham.

Oscar-winning Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell did not perform at the concert but recorded a video message with words of support for the Ukrainians.

“We want to convey our love and support to all the participants of the concert, and most importantly. To show solidarity with the millions of people who had to leave their homes and everything, “said the singer.

As part of the concert, they also showed a number recorded together with Ukrainian musician Ilya Bondarenko. The violinist had to wait for four breaks between bombings to record his part in a bomb shelter.

Cuban-American singer Camilla Cabello performed the hit “Fix You” for the audience and was delighted with the duo’s premiere with Ed Sheeran for the song “Bam Bam”.

Earlier, at a charity concert in Poland, Tina Karol and Jerry Heil collected more than 41 million hryvnias for Ukrainians. Karol took the stage with a 7-year-old refugee from Kyiv, performing the hit “Ukraine – tse I” and Jerry Heil – a youth anthem that she wrote herself.

Young Oscar-winning singer Billy Eilish and her brother, 24-year-old musician Finneas O’Connell, conveyed words of support to the Ukrainians.

Billy and Finneas were supposed to perform at a charity concert in support of Ukraine in Birmingham, but they did not manage to join other stars. In particular, Ed Sheeran was supposed to sing on a teleconference with the frontman of the Ukrainian group “Antitelya” Taras Topol, but the teleconference between Ukraine and the UK failed. Nevertheless, musicians from different countries have found a common language in social networks and are planning future concerts.

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas won the 2022 Oscars for their soundtrack to the Bond film No Time To Die.

Also earlier, the 20-year-old singer called on social networks to a multi-million audience to end the war in Ukraine and save the lives of children.


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