Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Alec Baldwin Compared The Oscars To A Show Following Will Smith Event -


Alec Baldwin had something to say about this year’s Oscars. He obviously talked following the event that happened around Will Smith and Chris Rock.

The Shade Room said: ‘The Will Smith and Chris Rock debacle has everybody and their mamas giving all types of opinions, including Alec Baldwin.’

TSR said: ‘On Tuesday, Alec Baldwin, who is facing a wrongful death lawsuit for the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of his film, ‘Rust,’ took to Twitter and wrote, ‘I am not reading much about how, or even if, the producers attended to Chris.’

Baldwin continued, ‘But I love you, @chrisrock. And I’m sorry the Oscars turned into the #JerrySpringer show.’

Alec Baldwin has a long history of being labeled as aggressive and doing things deemed inappropriate that spans over a decade. I

Someone said: ‘And what does he compare the movie set he was on when he shot and killed that lady?.’

A follower said: ‘This weirdo killed a whole human on set…. Sitcho ass down,’ and someone else posted this: ‘It’s always the last person who should be talking that be talkin.’

A fan said: ‘Just caught a body bout a week agooo” – Bobby Shmurda,’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘Not the killer talking about a little slap now.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Y’all was alll tryna defend him months ago now y’all throwing it in his face cause he got an opinion.’

The other day, The Shade Room noted: ‘If there’s one thing #WillSmith doesn’t play about, it’s his wife and he made that clear tonight at the #Oscars. #ChrisRock made a joke about #JadaPinkettSmith starring in a remake of the ‘G.I. Jane’ due to her bald haircut, and Will clearly was not feeling it. Not only did he get physical with Chris, he let him know he better keep his wife’s name out of his mouth!’

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