Thursday, February 10, 2022

Vanessa Bryant's Heart Is Still Broken - She Posed Next To A Kobe Bryant Mural -


Vanessa Bryant posed next to a Kobe Bryant mural. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account that has people in tears.

Someone said: ‘I know it’s tough for her driving almost anywhere in LA Kobe all over that city,’ and a commente rposted this: ‘I’m so happy that people are so supportive of her. She has to live with one of the worst imaginable pains for the rest of her life. God bless that woman.’

One other follower posted this: ‘She strong as hell Kobe made her like that believe that,’ and a commenter said: ‘May God continue to give you the strength to shine even in your darkest moments #mambamentality.’

Someone else said: ‘She’s doing the best she can to stay strong you can see it,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘When it all falls down all you have is the memories, cherish em!’

One fan said: ‘I can’t imagine that pain. She gets random waves of sadness all throughout the day,’ and a fan said: ‘i’m still so heartbroken 4 her can’t even imagine what she’s going thru daily praying 4 u.’

One fan said: ‘She is so strong and has tremendous support I couldn’t imagine losing my husband and child smh praying for all of them.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Man, her strength is everything God bless her and keep giving the strength to heal from that tragedy.’

Not too long ago, we revealed that new data is out regarding two of the families involved in Kobe Bryant ‘s helicopter crash. Check out the latest details below.

The Shade Room notes that the ‘Los Angeles County approved a $2.5 million settlement yesterday in two lawsuits stemming from the January 2020 helicopter crash that killed nine people, including the late #KobeBryant. The lawsuits were filed by the Altobelli and Mauser families, who alleged they suffered emotional distress after first responders shared photos of the crash site and deceased.’

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