Friday, February 18, 2022

Porsha Williams Shares Important News With Her IG Fans -


Porsha Williams is sharing some important news with her fans and IG followers. Check it out below.

‘I know you’re feeling the same thing as we’re watching @equiano.stories right now, today and tomorrow… you realize our story doesn’t begin in slavery, it began with freedom. Right now, only on Instagram, you can hear from Equiano tell his true story from 1756, in a modern way. Thank you, Equiano! Join me right now so we can help make his voice echo #equianoambassador,’ Porsha said.

Someone said: ‘Just watched it with my kids. It’s so good! We can’t wait to watch on tomorrow!’

One other follower posted this: ‘Just checked out the first part. Wow! Anxious to see more. Just shared to my stories.’


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Someone else said: ‘I watched it was amazing. I sent it to my loves and asked them to watch too,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘@porsha4real despite all the media hype, I took something so important from your show, I saw some uncomfortable moments that were a little too close to home. But I’m not ashamed to say i learnt a thing or two from you. Girl when you switch, now I understand where that comes from. Btw your auntie with the beautiful, silver natural hair, she is amazingly spiritual, when auntie say come you better humble yourself and be prepared to listen.’

A follower said: ‘It’s a follow for meI just went to his page if this is not a movie it should be @porsha4real Thanks for sharing GOD Bless stay safe.’

One fan posted this: ‘Thank you @porsha4real …ave just watched the episodes available and ave sent it for invite to friends and family because I truly love this’s almost like ROOTS..thanks for the heads up.’

Someone else said: ‘@porsha4real PLEASE! What was the name of that song, that you was jammin to in the car the other day? New day, new day. Who’s that by. I need to know.’

Other than this, Porsha is living her best life with her man and her fans and followers could not be happier for her.

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