Sunday, February 6, 2022

Porsha Williams' Costa Rica's Life Has Fans In Awe -


Porsha Williams is living the life that some dream of. Check out the latest video that she shared on her social media account.

‘Morning!! Happy Sunday Loves#ChefJose #PlaceOfPeace,’ Porsha said.

Someone else posted this: ‘Looks yummy and healthy as for me after 30 yrs of cooking this diva has retired and need a personal chief.’


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A follower said: ‘Girl you are living the life some people DREAM of.. u have grown soo much and you deserve it ALLLLL!!’

A follower said: ‘Good morning Happy Sunday to y’all. Absolutely beautiful. Y’all enjoy your day, and blessings with lots of love.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘Pura Vida! Love Costa Rica… one of my favorite places on earth. Enjoy,’ and a commenter said: ‘That’s beautiful Porsha! Your wit the man God bless you to be with, and I am sooo happy for you!!’

Someone else said: ‘Tell him to crisp up the turkey bacon a little bit more.’

Porsha Williams is praising her man, Simon Guobadia, and you can check out the message she posted below.

‘Thank you for the write-up on my fiancé @iamsimonguobadia ! There is no straight road to success , there will be lots of turns and I must say you handled it all with grace and like a true boss. (Link to Full Article in his Bio profile) Girl, I opened a take-out crab spot and it’s running me ya heard…No one in business wants to tell you thing. I opened this spot to ensure son can stay in Law School, my daughter in college and my last one out of high school, into college, and me a good life, and dammit that’s what it gone do…#bossladyFaith,’ Porsha said.

Someone else said: ‘The fact that despite all his accomplishments they had to refer to him as “a star on Porsha’s family matters” is funny to me.’

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