Sunday, January 30, 2022

T.I. Is Praising One Of Elon Musk's Recent Messages -


T.I. said that one of Elon Musk’s messages should be remembered as being really important. Check out the message that he dropped on his social media account.

Someone else said: ‘don’t lose you freedoms because you are confused or afraid. Always be willing to stand up against tyranny and stand up for your rights/freedom. Freedom is worth more than money. If you don’t have your freedom you don’t have anything.’

A fan said: ‘And if a man gives up freedom for security, he deserves neither,’ and a commente rposted this: ‘Seems like this tweet might be the kinda thing you’d say if you were trying to scare people.’


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Someone else said: ‘Ben Franklin said people will give away their freedom for safety and security an won’t get either,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I believe that guy is a key player too all this bullshit going on for the last two years for some reason.’

A fan said: ‘You passing the message but do you Understand who the messenger is talking bout? @troubleman31 .With great power comes great responsibility.’

Someone esaid: ‘This is why our people are taking charges instead of fighting for what they believe in. They are being thrown in cells , bonds too high to post, until they are broken down and plea to false charges. Just so they can get out of county… #AmericaLandOfThaRich.’

Someone else said: ‘Duhhhhh we know this already! I make people very uncomfortable because I’m extremely smart and capable of doing things they can’t @troubleman31.’

In other news, Tiny Harris  spent some great days with T.I. in Miami and she made sure to keep her fans and followers updated via social media. Check out the post that she shared below.

Someone said: ‘Good to see you and TIP on South Beach yesterday! I had to hold myself back from causing a scene lol.’

In other recent news, T.I. is talking about six of the best southern musical landmarks and his fans and followers are also sharing their opinion in the comments on this matter. Check out his post below.

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