Saturday, January 29, 2022

Tamar Braxton Shares A Post On Social Media About Mental Illness That Will Benefit A Lot Of People -


Tamar Braxton shared a post on her social media account, and fans are saying that a lot of people will benefit from it. Check it out here.

‘Ima take this down later. Cause some of y’all man….smh,’ she said.

Someone else said; ‘I wish you would do a live about this on YouTube this here is real I’m 55 Tamar I just can’t say what’s really going on with me I want this year to work me I don’t have the funds yall I posit my check on Monday and the bank took it all I could do nothing but cry I told my son I understand how people commit suicide so I can never get anywhere.’


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A follower posted this: ‘Don’t take this post down. Someone will definitely benefit from it. Had this same conversation with some friends…MH issues seems to be frowned upon in the black community. It’s automatically assumed that something is wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help. We can’t bear everything ALL THE TIME. As for what you spoke on, I think your friend didn’t want to be responsible should you have another “setback”, but I understand where you’re coming from. The friend is keeping you in your past instead of recognizing and meeting you where you are today.’

One fan said: ‘This is very touching I can deeply relate peoples don’t understand us . It’s a shame you have to deal with the peoples who only know how to attack your illness. You are beautiful and brave to share this.’

A commenter said: ‘Mental illness has always had this stigma attached to it and has always been considered taboo. But to me everyone is a little touched and sensitive about something. They just too afraid to admit it. You are inspiring. You had to go through your battles in the public’s eye. People talked and even laughed. However you have made breakthroughs for yourself and are still making them. You are the one who is beautiful and brave. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. You are loved.’

Someone else posted this: ‘thanks I was shot in the face long story short I survived but folk use that against you and thanks for the words of encouragement on this platform.’

A follower said: ‘That’s why you just gotta stick to your gut with certain things. Once you get to a point of realizing your own mental health and what you have to do for it, then at that point you usually know what’s best for yourself.’

Tamar has been addressing this matter for a long time now.

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