Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ammika Harris Floods Her Social Media Account With Lingerie Images And Fans Are Going Crazy With Excitement -


Ammika Harris shared more pics on her social media account in which she is flaunting lingerie. She looks amazing and her fans and followers made sure to praise her like there’s no tomorrow.

People have been praising Ammika via the comments and they always make sure to send her love.

‘There’s magic deep in our heart. There’s always 3 version of us, theres me, theres myself and then there is I,’ Ammika said.

Someone posted this message: ‘Whats your skincare and your diet routine I need to know bc you always were glowing but now its like extra.’


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One other follower said: ‘stay down ammika you are amazing naturally,’ and a follower said: ‘if you could have any superpower what would it be & why?’

A fan posted this: ‘Don’t know which slide is better you & aeko are the best mommy/son duo,’ and more people gushed over the pics that she shared. She also flooded her IG account with pics featuring her son, Aeko as well. Chris Brown’s boy is getting bigger with each passing day and fans love him.


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Ammika Harris shared some new pics and clips featuring her and Chris Brown’s son, Aeko. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘This has to be 20% of all the animals he knows by name. Hello monday,’ Ammika said.

Someone else posted this: ‘I really liked how you asked him “is it a camel?” instead of correcting him or telling him he was wrong. Idk, I just thought that was really dope and ur a wonderful mother imo. Plus he’s absolutely adorable!’

One other follower said: ‘You look so gorgeous! Love the shirt too luv!’

Someone else posted this message: ‘@ammikaaa you look amazing as always….I love the hair.’

A commenter said this: ‘you look amazing and you are the most beautiful mom I have ever seen!’

Ammika is living her best life with her son and fans cannot get enough of her and the little one as well.

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